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  4. Beirut residents warned by Israel
  5. US, North Korea may be on collision course
  6. Iranians among Hizbollah combat dead
  7. Israel says it can target Hizbollah arms despite truce
  8. Israel's loses according to the Mullah news
  9. 10 Katyushka rockets explode in Lebanon
  10. Western Reporter Says He Saw Hezbollah Unearth Bodies for the Camera
  11. Lebanese Cabinet agrees to deploy troops
  12. Al JaReuters is at it again!!!
  13. Al Qaeda in Drag
  14. France says it'll double U.N. contingent
  15. Arab nations urge new Israeli peace plan
  16. Iran tests short-range missile
  17. Lebanon Gives Warning
  18. Iran Attacks Romanian Oil Rig
  19. Ahmadinejad Is Going Insane
  20. Venezuelan troops take U.S. embassy bags
  21. Iraqis loot base after British leave to gurad the Iran-Iraq border
  22. Rebel chief killed in southwest Pakistan
  23. New Navy nuclear sub debuts in Atlantic
  24. Iran test-fires sub-to-surface missile
  25. Iraqi Government Fights Shia Militias!!!
  26. Overweight? Asthmatic? Australia's army wants you
  27. Same crap different hemisphere.
  28. Here is how we deal with
  29. No. 2 al-Qaida Leader in Iraq Arrested
  30. U.S. servicewoman missing in Kyrgyzstan
  31. WWII mass grave Discovered
  32. Chopter Crash
  33. Bush Sending Troops to Pakistan
  34. 8 German warships set sail for Lebanon
  35. Turkey Stops Plane With Iranian Delegation
  36. U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan
  37. Bin Laden is dead
  38. Iran: Arab World 'fears' Ahmadinejad
  39. After millennia in India, lost tribe returns to Israel
  40. Greek divers lift WWII bomber wreckage
  41. The Secret Testing of Israeli M111 "Hetz" Ammunition
  42. Fallen Armor Corps Soldiers are Honored
  43. Emergence of the Japanese army once again?
  44. Historical Military Items
  45. Did Israel Betray Its Lebanese Allies?
  46. A New Nuclear Age
  47. New Wiki Article!
  48. North Korean Nuclear Test Boosts Condom Sales
  49. The Doctrine of Asymmetrical War
  50. Dime and Dimer
  51. The Summer of 1914
  52. The Power of Weakness
  53. Fiji Military on the Move
  54. Palestinian Civil War
  55. The Qassam Rocket
  56. A State Restored?
  57. U.S. Delivers 20 HMMWVs to the Lebanese Armed Forces
  58. Egypt: Palestinian nabbed, planning suicide attack
  59. Iran Feeling Left Out
  60. Turkey Opposes Iraqi Executions
  61. Canada to get new tanks
  62. Australia: ANZAC Day
  63. Bomb Attack Strikes Afghan National Army Bus in Kabul; Driver Killed
  64. Indian Army To Train Afghanistan, Uzbekistan Armed Forces
  65. Venezuela to develop sophisticated air-defence system
  66. Americans in IDF
  67. Road to Victory
  68. Sweden
  69. Hamas Suporters
  70. IDF reserve soldiers / partnership with german reserve soldiers
  71. Poland loses first soldier in Afghanistan
  72. Soldiers Of God
  73. Leadership principles
  74. Theoretical Counter Terrorism Scenario
  75. Israel at 60 donation****MUST READ****
  76. Contacted By Israeli company
  77. Russia North.Cauc. District order of battle
  78. Weapons Supressors
  79. NATO NTMA/ CSTC briefing to SWJ
  80. How PAF Prevented an Israeli Attack on Pakistan's Nuclear Assets.
  81. NATO Looks To Evolve Without Shedding DNA
  82. Target Iran - Air Strikes
  83. Army of Sergeants
  84. ID This Piece of Equipment
  85. Rafael partners with Raytheon to sell Iron Dome worldwide
  86. Whats brands of israeli wax treatment for head hair?
  87. A happy new year story from Russia
  88. Obama wants direct talks with Iran?
  89. U.S., Russia Exported Most Arms; India Biggest Importer
  90. We Have Encountered the Enemy... And it is Us
  91. Dolphins retired by U.S. Navy: Meet the other animals of war
  92. Another excellent West Point production
  93. All Eyes On Kerry And Hagel
  94. Kiev Confirms Russia to Stop Using Carrier-Based Pilots' Training Site
  95. Incentives Matter: Military Procurement Problems in India, Malaysia, and USA
  96. US Prompt Global Strike Moves Center Stage in Russian Security Planning
  97. Rethinking Asia-Europe Security Cooperation – Analysis
  98. Russia’s Emerging Defense and Security Doctrine: Impact on Europe and the Near East
  99. Western Allies Shun Russia for 70th V-E Day Anniversary
  100. Stratfor and Jane’s Assessed Russian Army in XXI Century
  101. Newborn Crimean Boys Received Draft Notices
  102. PHOTO: Everyday Life of Hot Russian Military Women
  103. DOD issues updated 'law of war' manual