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  1. Merkava
  2. Trevor Assault Rifle
  3. Trophy System
  4. !! Israel expands war !!
  5. Why is the Galil being phased out?
  6. Best Israeli Pistol
  7. Admin
  8. Any Ideas on How to Solve This Mess?
  9. IDF Sniper Question
  10. does the IDF use
  11. Saracen APC's ever used in Israel?
  12. Army Calisthenics, etc
  13. IDF sniper T-SHIRT
  14. The Corner Shot
  15. Merkava ceases production in 4 years :(
  16. New armoured vehicles from Israel
  17. Robots in the IDF
  18. Gun Dictionary
  19. Israel Armour Pictorial Thread
  20. Tanks, RPGs and America Sucking: Things you should know...
  21. Shayetet 13
  22. sayeret and shayete
  23. Sayeret Matkal
  24. Insignia Backing Colors
  25. Top age to enlist
  26. SR-99 Anyone Familiar With It
  27. IDF Uganda Link
  28. IDF Rifle Sling
  29. IDF M16 and pistol questions
  30. REQ: info on IDF uniforms, helmet and webbing
  31. if is not out there write it urself:IDF infantry uniform&equipments
  32. Some of the IDF's Leading technology
  33. IDF's Leading technology Part Two
  34. Arabs and Muslims in the IDF
  35. membership questions...
  36. M4-M16 question
  37. Uzi special trial versions
  38. Uzi's in different calibers
  39. Givati Brigade
  40. F-16I Soufa
  41. F-16I Soufa
  42. Infantry tactics - counter ambush?
  43. New to forum/research
  44. IDF Soldiers carrying rifles while in Civilian clothes why?
  45. M1126 Stryker saga, what's the status?
  46. Hermon Brigade
  47. IMI tablecalendar
  48. how long is each Infantry unit's beret march+ kfir beret march
  49. Small-Arms Fire Detection System
  50. Advanced Weapon's Sights
  51. idf blue shirts and training
  52. M16 Rifle in Delayed Blowback: Possible?
  53. Ever consider joining the Sar-el?
  54. Joining IDF after US Military Service
  55. Troophy ADS
  56. How many trainings or course an IDF soldier has to go though?
  57. cords worn through shoulder loops of uniform
  58. idf paratroopers shirts
  59. Built to Kill (Mini-Uzi Included)
  60. Video of Palsar Sheryion - armored corps recon
  61. Counter Guerrilla Tactics & The Westbank
  62. Awsome IDF infantry pics!
  63. Question for those of you already serving (IDF)
  64. Samson RCWS-30 & M2A3 Bradley
  65. Eyes Of The Falcon
  66. Can someone please identify this soldier's unit/division?
  67. Columbia has the Israeli Tavor
  68. IDF Medical Corps
  69. IDF Ivrit Test
  70. Israelis declare Gaza 'hostile'
  71. Photos: Big Military Show in Iran
  72. Israel Vows to Wipe Syria Off the Map
  73. IDF service?
  74. Wife of Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Confronts Ahmadinejad at UN
  75. Lyrics of the Israeli Paratrooper song (Shir Tzanhanim)
  76. Iran Revolutionary Guards' role growing
  77. 25yr old looking for 18 month IDF program
  78. Army Commandos?
  79. Israeli Soldiers Abducted by Hezbollah in Iran
  80. Request song Ha'Nahal Kan (The Nahal is here)
  81. Hello Everyone
  82. Question about Israeli troops
  83. The 2ID Warrior March
  84. The Marines hymn
  85. Merkava vs M1 Abrams
  86. Soldier flees interrogation by exposing breasts
  87. Gibush or Yom Sayeret date in 2008?
  88. Army Vaccines
  89. israel army
  90. Negev LMG
  91. RPG penetrated IDF Merkava in Gaza
  92. Israeli-Made Tavor Assault Rifle to Replace M-16 Among Infantry
  93. 2 questions?
  94. hello everyone, need some help.
  95. question, can anyone help?
  96. General Question
  97. IDF haircut
  98. What is the difference between Sayeret Matkal and Sayeret Golani???
  99. Is there any US soldiers stationed in Israel?
  100. Israel unveils newest unmanned aircraft
  101. Jewish Frogs
  102. I am keen, family not so, can Israel help!?
  103. Iranian Bear Joined Polish Army
  104. Hey all, Just looking for some Infomation
  105. Some Questions about joining the IDF
  106. Old movie titled: Tsahal
  107. modeler needs help on identify
  108. camo
  109. Jericho 941
  110. whats the maximum age to enlist into....
  111. IDF based on OZ army?
  112. tavor review anyone?
  113. Top Military forces in the ME
  114. Israeli Military Optics
  115. Just made Aliyah - What unit
  116. IDF Order of Battle
  117. IDF Recon Tac Vest Questions
  118. Why Do Israeli shoot their pistol like this ?
  119. US is back to SEA, BIG TIME!!! All for China
  120. Question
  121. Trophy active defence system
  122. Nightvision ?
  123. North Korea: South Korea driving relationship to 'catastrophe'
  124. AO-63 assault rifle
  125. Possible for an American to join the IDF?
  126. What does an IDF soldier typically carry in their vest/harness?
  127. IDF Uniform
  128. U.S Army M110 Sniper Rifle
  129. IDF boots
  130. Okedz (k-9) Any ideas?
  131. India's Cold Start
  132. Arjun Mk2 MBTs pre-production prototype to rollout by mid-2009
  133. IDF (Not IAF) uniform colors
  134. IDF-Tank-Markings
  135. Israeli Military is Developing Tactical Mobile VSAT System
  136. Army
  137. Weapons in IDF
  138. Israeli MRE
  139. Need help about yiddish
  140. Happy 4th of July or as we call it, Yom Entebbe
  141. IDF questions
  142. Gay men allowed to serve in the Army?
  143. Sling question
  144. YouTube propaganda: Israeli help needed
  145. Helmets
  146. Questions about MAHAL program/LONE SOLDIER
  147. Keshet 120mm mortar system deployed
  148. Metal Storm.
  149. Red comat boots
  150. Got exemption papers done, but I want to go home!!
  151. Army "Commandos"? (2nd attempt!)
  152. Sorry! AIRBORNE Commandos
  153. 5135th "Serpent" Special Troops Btn
  154. Question on the SUIT Sight....
  155. Winchester/Olin salvo assault rifle
  156. I would like to purchase an Uzi submachine gun.
  157. Israeli War Ensign on AFVs?
  158. Query M-109 In Action Buttoned Up
  159. Internet war experience
  160. What was in IDF Combat Rations 1967 & 1973?
  161. Carrying Handle on the Israeli FN Infantry Rifle?
  162. Academy Model Company Releasing a 1/35 scale Merkava 4
  163. Is Israeli Military Products - Israel Army Surplus Store Legitimate?
  164. Chieftan Tanks & Israel?
  165. Army kit in Gaza
  166. new israeli weapons delivery for India
  167. How smart bombs work
  168. Tironut
  169. Anyone in Israels Army?
  170. Need info on IDF Armor School
  171. IDF Tankers' Web Gear and other Qs.
  172. The new Tavor - how does it compare to the Uzi?
  173. Yom sayarot
  174. 6 Months service
  175. Tank Corps "Cail Shirion" tanks only
  176. Northern Command News
  177. New IDF armored vehicle gets trial by fire in Gaza
  178. Matador Makes its Debut
  179. Israel Special #2 (featuring Merkava IV; Delilah; Spyder & Iron Fist)
  180. On IDF vehicles in Gaza
  181. Ammunition Stowage Inside The M-109
  182. Need Interior Pics Of M-109 & Gun
  183. Any Source for Dog Tags?
  184. Merkava vs Warthog
  185. Israeli Foreign Legion?
  186. Merkava4 vs M1A2 Abrams
  187. israeli hat.
  188. Israeli Counter-Sniper Technology
  189. Civillian rifle training
  190. Question about training
  191. IDF Uniforms
  192. Book: "When I Was a Soldier"
  193. Books & Magazines (Any Reading Material)
  194. Camouflage
  195. In Praise of Snipers
  196. 'Terminators'; the rise of the Machines!
  197. Questions from a prospective Indian convert.
  198. Finding IDF Surplus in Israel
  199. Women in the IDF?
  200. The AK-47 in Israeli Service
  201. mad maggists
  202. Mitla Pass
  203. ZL Lieutenant-Colonel Pine and First-Lieutenant Schulte
  204. The IDF experience with Light Tanks
  205. Israeli Army to Introduce Kalanit Tank-Shell
  206. World war 3????
  207. I Want to join the IDF Special forces
  208. IDF membership
  209. atuda olim
  210. Airmen spend time with students during deployment
  211. Dover Tzahal
  212. Israeli Snipers
  213. Few army service related questions
  214. Handasa Kravi
  215. Undercover operation
  216. A Little Respect for some Old Iron!
  217. Any advice for the Gibbush?
  218. Female Combat Soldiers to Receive Advanced Tavor Rifle
  219. Second Nahal Haredi battalion being considered after best draft yet
  220. Trophy is Now Field Operational
  221. Rollcall!
  222. Questions regarding the bullpup design.
  223. Security and Defense: Challenges of the Armored Corps
  224. Gabis credit card
  225. Non Israeli, non Jew in IDF! Please advise
  226. A quick question about IDF uniforms?
  227. "I got your back"
  228. questions about joining
  229. IDF Psychology
  230. "Jumper"
  231. Elbit and IAI to Develop Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  232. Elbit Teams with US Partner for Army Bid
  233. Hit the beach! Navy ups its amphibious capability
  234. Comming Soon Semi Auto Tavor
  235. Question about joining the IDF...
  236. Mahal Questions
  237. IDF Pay Charts???
  238. Nahal Charedi
  239. Jericho 941 - IDF Configuration
  240. Guard moderately hurt in Kalandia attack
  241. Squad organization
  242. Mahsom Watch women strike again
  243. I want to enlist the army of Israel.
  244. Analysis: Soldiers' insubordination a growing concern to IDF brass
  245. IDF Buying Laser Rangefinders
  246. Special IDF explosives lab attracts international experts
  247. Fn-Fal
  248. Chieftain & M-60 Tracks = What if? IDF
  249. Need Images Of CENTURION APC
  250. Metal Storm, Thunder and Lighting