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  1. Chinese Type 98/99 Main Battle Tank
  2. Indian army to get attire for chemical warfare
  3. Test puts India step closer to missile shield
  4. India, France kick off air combat exercise
  5. India to To Upgrade Indian Mirage Fighters for 1.5 billion euro(MICA, JTIDS etc)
  6. Pakistan-india Anti-terrorism Mechanism Meeting
  7. Indian Muslims call for beheading writer
  8. Mountain Warfare Units
  9. Agni III Long Ranged Ballistic Missile Tested
  10. BrahMos cruise missile test-fired
  11. DRDO, MBDA to Jointly Develop Maitri Quick Reaction Missile
  12. India to Purchase C-130J Military Transport Aircrafts
  13. 40 new Warships to be commissioned in coming years: Mehta
  14. Crew rescue: China expresses gratitude to India
  15. Shaoxing — little India in China
  16. Russia, China deny arms supplies to Sudan in breach of UN ban
  17. Indian jet fighter Hal Tejas
  18. Al-Qaeda’s Shadowy Presence in India?
  19. ULFA Mayhem Continues Despite Government's Peace Overtures
  20. Chinese Sniper Rifles
  21. India: 30 killed, 60 wounded in major terror attack
  22. Indian Muslims riot, Taj Mahal closed to tourists
  23. India's long-established ties with Iran straining alliance with U.S.
  24. Pakistan: Bomb Attack - Attempt to Assassinate Bhutto (Update)
  25. New Japanese Stealth Fighters !
  26. Taliban 'hanged boy, 12, for spying for UK'
  27. Us Secret War Veteran And Families
  28. Police Discover Bhutto Killer's Head (Warning: Gross)
  29. China urged to explain military buildup
  30. Senior Taliban Member, Mansoor Dadullah, Captured and Critically Wounded in Pakistan
  31. RAF find 'Taliban with British accents'
  32. Did We Get Zawahiri?
  33. 41 Taliban Fighters Killed in Battle, Airstrikes in Afghanistan
  34. Pakistan-Indian Airforces need a boost
  35. NATO and Afghanistan-The Cost of Failure
  36. Indian rocket puts a record 10 satellites into orbit
  37. Indian Army launches world's fastest cruise missile!!
  38. Agni-III test-fired successfully
  39. DRDO developing hypersonic missile
  40. NEFA TerrorWatch: The Spillover Impact of the Iraqi Jihad in Afghanistan
  41. New military product from DRDO/OFB INDIA
  42. New Arjun Tank Video at you tube..........
  43. Stop the presses! Pakistan helped the Taliban!
  44. Report: US strikes inside Mohmand tribal agency
  45. NATO Launches 2 Attacks Against Taliban Across Afghan Border
  46. Pakistan troops 'aid Taliban'
  47. Pakistan Launches Offensive Against Taliban Stronghold
  48. Russia: Nine dead, four injured in clashes with Caucasus jihadists
  49. Infighting in D.C. hampers move to give Special Forces more latitude
  50. Anti-Taliban offensive a 'charade'?
  51. Pakistan 'knew of nuclear flight'
  52. "Militant Gains in Pakistan Said to Draw Fighters"
  53. Pakistani Daily Warns: North West Frontier Province Falling into Taliban Hands
  54. CIA confronts Pakistan over top-level ties to jihadists
  55. Afghanistan: 5 year olds being recruited for jihad and "martyrdom"
  56. A Dangerous Neighbor
  57. A New Ally Against Terror
  58. CIA Hammers Al Qaeda, Haqqani Network Inside Pakistan
  59. Ignoring the Elephant in the Room in Afghanistan
  60. Pakistani Army blocks US raid in border area
  61. Pakistani army fires shots as U.S. soldiers approach border
  62. Taliban "opens new front" in northwestern Pakistan
  63. Pakistani troops and tribesmen shoot down U.S. drone & Fire on US Choppers
  64. Tribal Elders in Pakistani District Assemble 20,000-Strong Force to Fight Taliban
  65. Pakistani troops fire at NATO
  66. Civil War in Pakistan? The 'People versus the Taliban'
  67. Spanish intelligence says Pakistan helped arm Taliban!
  68. Official: Pakistan at War Against Islamic Extremists
  69. Taliban Fury Suggests Top Militant May Be Dead in Alleged U.S. Missile Strike
  70. Afghanistan at the Tipping Point
  71. British officials covered up evidence that slain Taliban commander was Pakistani mili
  72. Pakistan Forces Capture Key Militant Stronghold
  73. In Afghanistan, Beheading of Bus Passengers Sparks Anti-Taliban Protests
  74. U.S. troops kill burqa-clad Taliban jihadist
  75. Israeli UAVs to fly in Afghanistan
  76. Pakistan spy chief on Taliban
  77. Majority of Afghans blame U.S. -- not Taliban -- for their woes
  78. Afghan President Karzai hopes Obama will "settle down," show "better judgment"
  79. Will Afghanistan Awake?
  80. Iran supplying Taliban in Afghanistan with surface-to-air missiles
  81. Jihadi penetration of Pakistan’s armed forces
  82. Obama calls for reaching out to "moderate" Taliban
  83. From Russia With Lies
  84. U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drone Flying Over Iraq
  85. Drones Buzz Pak Town Eyed As Bin Laden's Hideout
  86. Report: Pakistan Aiding Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan
  87. New Af-Pak Strategy: More Effort on Pakistan Needed
  88. Suspected U.S. Drone Kills 12 Militants in Pakistan
  89. Will the Taliban capture the whole of Pakistan very soon?
  90. Pakistani military allying with Taliban
  91. Obama: Ignoring China's Military Buildup
  92. Obama's Bid for Troops in Afghanistan Fails
  93. "Afghan intelligence officials are sympathetic to the Taliban
  94. Top US general apologizes to Afghan leaders, says he'll study Qur'an
  95. Translated Communiques from the Turkestan Islamic Party
  96. 1,400 Pakistanis Killed in Terror Attacks over Past Year
  97. Shocker: Taliban has failed to disarm following sharia-for-peace deal in Pakistan
  98. Swat Taliban welcome Osama bin Laden
  99. Pakistani Islamic Militants turn children into living bombs
  100. “A critical mass of Pakistanis regard America as a greater threat than Al Qaeda”
  101. The Taliban’s “AfPak” Strategy: A Jihadi Preemptive War
  102. The Kremlin's Obama Gambit
  103. "Fear grips Pakistan district despite Taliban ‘retreat’"
  104. Pakistan Launches New Offensive Against Insurgents
  105. Hillary: U.S. "partially responsible" for Pakistani jihadism
  106. U.S. military poised to secure Pakistani nukes if Pakistan falls to jihadists
  107. Exclusive English-Language Video Interview with Taliban Spokesman in Pakistan's Swat
  108. Swat Analysis: War, Disintegration and other Narratives
  109. Israeli elite unit officers in big Indian anti-terror exercise
  110. A befuddled CNN reporter interviews a forthright jihadist in Afghanistan.
  111. Taliban Using Thousands of Civilians as Human Shields
  112. Pakistan: 30% chance of military coup
  113. Pakistan hangs back from major Swat offensive, talks secretly to Taliban
  114. Eleven suicide bombers, including one in a burqa, in pitched battle in Afghanistan
  115. US still worried about ISI links with Taliban
  116. Obama to Pakistan: US Aid Not Dependent on Stopping Terror Attacks against India
  117. India: Pakistan's nukes "already partly" in the hands of jihadis
  118. Pakistan to Attack Taliban in Bin Laden's Lair
  119. Indian analysts say Pakistan "has no intentions whatsoever of fighting" Taliban
  120. Musharraf: Anti-US feeling could be in Pakistani army
  121. Afghanistan: U.S. Military burns Bibles for fear they'd be used to convert Muslims
  122. Al-Qaeda's Plan C
  123. North Korea Threatens Armed Strike, End to Armistice
  124. Video shows Taliban planning deliberate civilian murder to blame U.S.
  125. The Taliban's Continued Foreign Support
  126. U.S. Military Tracking North Korean Ship Suspected of Proliferating Missiles, Nukes
  127. NKorea plans to fire missile at Hawaii on Independence Day...
  128. Analysts: NKorea's chemical arms as grave as nukes
  129. World Powers May Meet on N. Korea Next Month Amid New Threats
  130. Report: 42 operational jihadist camps in Pakistani-controlled territory
  131. "Al Qaeda says would use Pakistani nuclear weapons"
  132. all news thread from india and indian sub cont
  133. Nearly 60 Pakistani Air Force personnel arrested for jihadist connections in past two
  134. Taliban jihadists returning to territory held prior to 9/11
  135. Israel's eastward march: Arming India
  136. U.S. Marines, Afghan Forces Launch Major Military Operation in Afghanistan
  137. U.S. soldier captured by Taliban
  138. The Red Scare
  139. Obama Silent on N. Korea
  140. Submissiveness to North Korea is also the international model for Iran's first nuclea
  141. Mullah sprung from gitmo jail now leads foe in Afghan campaign
  142. The New Surge
  143. Taliban 'Fighters' Flee US Marines in Women's Clothing
  144. Russian Intelligence and Islamic Terror
  145. Obama: 'Victory' Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan
  146. 14 YEAR OLD (failed) SUICIDE BOMBER
  147. Pakistan drags feet on Waziristan offensive
  148. Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban
  149. Cleric who helped negotiate truce between Taliban and Pakistani gov't arrested
  150. Afghan mission falls short of expectations: Lawmakers
  151. Germany scraps its restrictive rules of engagement and aids the war in Afghanistan.
  152. "Afghan Resistance Statement"
  153. Pakistani Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud believed killed in drone strike
  154. 'Pakistan Army Officers, Intelligence Officials Arrested For Collaborating With Terro
  155. Hardcore Islamists negotiate for recently deceased leaders position
  156. Taliban Winning in Afghanistan, U.S. Commander Warns
  157. Pakistani Taliban fight over Mehsud's millions
  158. Terror Attacks on Pakistan Nuke Sites?
  159. Staying the Course
  160. Boeing's P-8I deal with India set to roll
  161. "Obama reaches out to Islamist parties in Pakistan"
  162. Obama's fateful test on Afghanistan.
  163. Shock horror: Pakistan abandons plans for military push against Taliban
  164. Winning the Afghan Drug War
  165. The Real Failure in Afghanistan
  166. McChrystal Warns of 'Failure'
  167. Why McChrystal Should Be Listened to on Afghanistan
  168. Four-Part Package Examines Competing Voices Within the Taliban Leadership in Pakistan
  169. Stay and fight – or cut and run?
  170. Winning the War in Afghanistan
  171. The Greatest Afghan War by Michael Yon
  172. Obama’s Afghanistan Test
  173. Turkey vs Iran
  174. Gates says Taliban has momentum because of U.S., Allies inability to put enough troop
  175. PAPER: Obama furious at Gen. McChrystal speech on Afghanistan
  176. Decision Time on Afghanistan
  177. Taliban gunmen take hostages at Pakistan's military HQ, push towards its nuclear
  178. Obama’s real Afghanistan options
  179. "U.S. Teams Up With Ex-Mujahedeen"
  180. German and American Militants Training for Terror in Pakistan
  181. Obama Administration Shrugs Off Afghanistan Concerns
  182. Obama Quietly Authorizes 13,000 More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan
  183. Afghan Hezbollah? Be Careful What You Wish For
  184. Al-Qaeda's second banana lashes out against "apostate" Pakistani military
  185. Lashkar-e-Taiba - Pakistan's Hezbollah
  186. Message from the "Emir" of the "German Taliban Mujahideen" Abu Ishaq al-Muhajir
  187. Navies of two Koreas exchange fire; none hurt
  188. The New U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Evading the Root Problem
  189. A Half-Hearted Afghanistan Strategy
  190. Taliban Commander in Paktika Province Maulvi Sangin
  191. India-Pakistan military comparison
  192. Taliban's Counter Strategy is based on declared US Strategy
  193. Fitzgerald: Obama Still Locked Into Folly In Afghanistan, Part I
  194. The New U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Evading the Root Problem
  195. Pakistani Taliban now using CNN as their mouthpiece
  196. The Battle For Pakistan
  197. Opinion sought from mil profs/ def enthusiasts
  198. Obama’s new RULES OF ENGAGEMENT are killing U.S. Marines and Soldiers
  199. With Special Forces in Afghanistan
  200. U.S. offers Taliban jobs and cash to lay down their arms
  201. "Friend and Ally" Pakistan refuses to go after major Taliban figure
  202. Pakistan: Raid in tribal area nets foreign jihadists
  203. Bomber Who Killed CIA Members Reportedly Invited Onto U.S. Base in Afghanistan
  204. India purchases USA M777 howitzers
  205. The Taliban are putting out video press releases announcing their victories
  206. Islamic suicide bomber who killed six CIA officers was trusted CIA informant
  207. Taliban must join security forces, says Brit general
  208. 14 Jihadists kill themselves when their explosives-laden bus blows up prematurely
  209. Pakistani Spy Agency (ISI) linked to suicide bombing that killed 7 CIA agents
  210. How to Fight a Better War
  211. India and Pakistan Military Comparsion
  212. Dozens of Taliban suicide bombers, gunmen storm Kabul
  213. The War of the Weak
  214. Taliban Thwart Snipers by Using Children to Plant IEDs
  215. Paying Tribute to Terror
  216. a few questions on India-Israel ties
  217. Taliban and Al Qaeda Financiers Are Tied at the Hip!!
  218. Pakistan arrests more Afghan Taliban
  219. American Legion China Post 1
  220. India and Afghanistan
  221. Freed Gitmo Detainee Leads Bloody Wave of Afghan Terror
  222. Taliban Train Kids to Behead, Write Messages with Blood
  223. Taliban Fire at Troops from Behind Women and Children
  224. Islamic jihadists from all over waging jihad against the infidel in Afghanistan
  225. Exclusive interview with top Taliban Terrorist Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar
  226. IDF trying to boost China ties ahead of Iran sanctions vote
  227. INDIA demonstrates its deep distrust of the Obama Adminstration policies with Pakista
  228. Pentagon pushing for increased pressure on India in order to placate Pakistan
  229. Karzai Casts Doubt Over Major Kandahar Offensive
  230. Pakistan's Intelligence Service Still Backing Taliban
  231. Amnesty International and Jihad
  232. Taliban commander: Goal of fighting is to impose Islamic law
  233. Jihadists murder four Russian officers in Chechnya
  234. US courts India in the Indian Ocean
  235. Cryogenic setback
  236. A Game-Changing Weapon »
  237. The Only Thing Worth Dying For »
  238. Dragons And Paper Tigers
  239. U.S. military unit in Afghanistan ordered to patrol with unloaded weapons
  240. U.S. "reviewing options" for something that will never happen: a strike on Pakistan
  241. Part-Time Allies
  242. Taliban Use HIV Bombs
  243. Taliban hang 7-year-old boy for "spying"
  244. Why is this UK Royal Marine in a Kabul supermax jail with Muslim terrorists?
  245. Russian-Indian work on 5G fighter to go ahead without extra deal
  246. Indian Navy creating a new base for nuke submarines
  247. Pakistan's main spy agency still arms, trains Taliban despite US pressure, research s
  248. Good news: Taliban not terrorists anymore
  249. China denies military exercise aimed at U.S.
  250. 5-Year-Old Children Used by the Taliban to Plant Bombs