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  1. Should IDF have SSBNs?
  2. Israel purchases two Dolphin-Class submarines from Germany
  3. Pictures of the Israeli Navy
  4. Israel Navy eyeing new US warship
  5. Iran Navy vs U.S Navy
  6. Israeli Navy Hailing Procedures
  7. Royal Navy
  8. What if?
  9. Deadly ally mistake
  10. PLA - Navy
  11. Navy to alter swastika-shaped barracks
  12. USS Enterprise Re-Mission
  13. A Bi-Partisan Naval Hanukah
  14. indian admiral in official visit in Israel(in french)
  15. Iran Plays "Chicken" with the US Navy
  16. Ford GPA in the Navy? Modeler needs help
  17. German landing craft in Israels Navy?
  18. Destroyer INS Eliat
  19. Naval Photos - Need Translation
  20. Shayetet 13 requirements
  21. How many does Israel Navy have Protectors (USV)?
  22. world navies
  23. Navy -Tzva Hagana L'Yisrael Heyl Ha'Yam
  24. What if - saar 5 vs. Mubarak ffg
  25. More Subs for the Israeli Navy?
  26. Need Info - Battle of Latakia 1973
  27. Did Israel Use any 80' Elco PT Boats Post WW2?
  28. Navy Ship List
  29. Flower Clas Corvettes In Israeli Navy?
  30. Israelis Sink Iranian Ship with Arms for Hamas
  31. Israel Shows Off Wares at IMDEX Asia
  32. Israel navy V.S Egyptian navy?
  33. Good news courtesy Hel HaYam
  34. Israeli sub said armed with nuclear-capable torpedoes navigates Suez Canal
  35. Israeli Navy Prepares for Potential Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities
  36. Naval Defence Indonesia Exhibition 2009
  37. Shoval Maritime UAV
  38. 'Russia, Iran to hold naval maneuver'
  39. Israeli Navy Maintains Manned Helicopter Fleet
  40. New US Navy LCS - the "Pirate Catcher"
  41. Israel to Add Unmanned Vessels to Naval Patrols
  42. Israel orders two stealth corvettes from Germany
  43. Navy Intercepts Weapons-Smuggling Ship Off Coast
  44. Israeli Navy Ranks
  45. 500 Tons of Weapons for Hezbollah Intercepted by Israeli Navy
  46. I thought I'd share my favorite rap video
  47. Somali pirates: not the brightest or the best!!!
  48. As the CIC goes; so goes his military!!!
  49. Israeli undewater vehicles
  50. new test ship on display in USA
  51. From Syrian fishing port to naval power base: Russia moves into the Mediterranean
  52. US Naval forces massing near Iran
  53. India-israel naval cooperation
  54. Us navy launches 3 new ships!!!
  55. Israel vs Turkey
  56. U.S. destroyer escorts British carrier
  57. Israeli "Silver Marlin" anti-piracy USV
  58. Future US Marine strikes from the sea
  59. India issues RFP for next gen subs....
  60. Submarine Aircraft Carrier
  61. Indian Navy hunts for drones to operate underwater
  62. $11 billion second line of submarines for Indian Navy to boost private sector
  63. Indian scientists to develop AIP Submarine in 4-5 yrs
  64. A Trident nuclear submarine could be cut to save costs
  65. Raytheon’s APY-10 radar to be on Indian P-8I Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
  66. Blue-water policy
  67. Great Indian Jugaad[gamble] Makes Viraat Ageless,Could Keep Going For 10 More Years
  68. Pyotr Veliky cruiser, INS Trishul to hold exercises in Arabian Sea
  69. Additional $1 billion sanctioned for Scorpene submarines
  70. INDIAN NAVY-news and discussions
  71. Question about Kurs Chovlim (Naval Officer course)
  72. The naval museum in HAIFA
  73. Iran's revenge: Syria and Hizballah join to sink Israeli warships
  74. IDF Offers Glimpse Into Submarine Training Center
  75. What's with Norwegians?
  76. Israel-bound submarines banned from testing in Norway's waters
  77. Operation Raviv
  78. The End of Surface Warships
  79. sometime read Jeremiah, chapter 49, verses 34-40
  80. Navy probes lewd videos shown on deployed carrier
  81. DOD News Briefing with Vice Adm. Fox via Telephone from Bahrain on Somali Piracy
  82. Israel to Receive Sixth Dolphin Submarine
  83. The Battle of Midway, 69 Years Later
  84. A Sino-Persian Grab for the Indian Ocean?
  85. "Barak 8" versus "Yakhont"
  86. Israel Navy trails French yacht as it nears Gaza shore
  87. China Details Anti-ship Missile Plans
  88. IDF seizes boat smuggling weapons through Dead Sea
  89. Can a Navy Ship really be made stealth
  90. U.S Navy and Israeli Navy
  91. Arrow missile-defense may be installed on new warships
  92. Russian Navy to commission 8 Graney class nuclear subs by 2020
  93. Navy takes over ‘hijacked’ cargo ship
  94. The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict
  95. USN SSGN's are the new battleships
  96. Israel Navy
  97. Statement On Stationing Of Aegis Ships At Rota, Spain
  98. Happy Birthday, USN!
  99. Russia, Italy start anti-terror naval drill
  100. Indian ship thwarts piracy attempt in Gulf of Aden, 26 pirates arrested
  101. ITBP to buy high speed boats for patrolling
  102. Israel steps up naval patrols around gas fields
  103. Indian Navy to procure combat system for Marine Commandos
  104. InN gets ready to add more muscle
  105. Russia Delivers Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles to Syria
  106. Israel concession on Palestinian funds forced by German submarine deal
  107. South Korea’s Defence Reforms: Impact On The Navy – Analysis
  108. Russian nuclear submarine set to join Indian Navy
  109. ‘Modern’ NH 90 Vs ‘Workhorse’ Sikorsky S-70B in Indian Navy Tender
  110. Raytheon Awarded $254 Million US Navy Contract for DDG 1000
  111. HMS Illustrious rededication completes long road out of refit
  112. Row as war grave ship is ripped up for scrap
  113. Iran Launching 10-Day Naval Drills
  114. Vietnamese navy sets up new air fleet with modern copters
  115. Russia hands over Nerpa nuclear sub to India
  116. Russia nuclear sub fire extinguished, state media say
  117. Locklear nominated to be next PACOM commander
  118. Why come missiles defense have none nations ever try turn submarines to do job.
  119. Navy still looking to enlarge fleet
  120. Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force convoy to Strait of Hormuz
  121. NATO and Russia seek to strengthen cooperation to counter piracy
  122. Navy Seeking Four New Ships
  123. USS Mississippi ‘outstanding’ in trials
  124. Danish navy frees hostages from pirates off Somalia
  125. IDF Launches New Submarine in Germany
  126. Phoenix Express 2012 conducts MIO training
  127. Japanese ships to boost PH Navy vs China: report
  128. thread on IDF sub location speculation deleted
  129. Israel Fitting Nuclear Arms on German-supplied Subs
  130. Sea Change for American Power »
  131. The Italian built OPHIR Class torpedo boats
  132. Bid for naval dominance: Russia significantly boosts nuclear fleet
  133. CDRE Bekkering - After the Monsoon
  134. VLS for Gabriel
  135. France Hands Over Sea Command of EU Counter Piracy Naval Force to Italy
  136. Indian Navy’s INS Tarkash Frigate Passes Sea Trials with Flying Colors
  137. US Navy: Now dismissed submarine boss faked death to end affair
  138. VLS System on New Dolphin II Class Submarines
  139. HMS Caroline to become a tourist attraction
  140. £350m Boost For British Nuclear Submarines
  141. Anti-piracy bid: South Korea joins India, Japan, China
  142. Pakistan Navy Ship to Participate in Naval Exercise in Turkey
  143. SKorean patrol boats for Israel's Iron Dome
  144. Why does Israel navy not build own submarines
  145. U.S. Navy 'stealth drone' takes to the sea for tests
  146. Lone Masked Intruder Steals Weapons In Daring Raid Of Australian Navy Patrol Boat
  147. Naval Drones Article on new Protector
  148. Austal delivers first Joint High Speed Vessel - USNS Spearhead (JHSV 1)
  149. HMS Audacious: New Super Submarine For Navy
  150. Indian RFP For $15 Billion Submarine Project soon
  151. Legendary Shayetet 13
  152. Change at the top of the Royal New Zealand Navy
  153. Iran Navy ready to extend presence to Atlantic Ocean: Cmdr.
  154. India Military Must Fill Gaps To Become Top Pacific Power: The Four P's
  155. Crashed Navy Helicopter Had ‘Engine Failure’ After 10 Trips – Report
  156. Navy gets first long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft
  157. Explain me the logic behind this?
  158. ACTUV - Unmanned ASW
  159. U.S. attack submarine strikes vessel in Gulf
  160. Stepping up attack, Olmert knocks Netanyahu for sub purchase
  161. Russia to build 2 nuclear Borei submarines
  162. 'Iran to deploy warships to Mediterranean Sea'
  163. US Navy fined for 'illegal entry' at Philippine coral reef
  164. Innovative ways sought to improve the security of maritime operations
  165. Did you guy think space bomber well make aircaft carry obsolete
  166. Hermes 900 Takes on Maritime Missions
  167. Brazil to get its first nuclear subs
  168. Israel, US and Greece launch joint naval exercise
  169. Israeli Spying on Russian Navy off Syrian Coast
  170. Navy to deploys lasers on ships in 2014
  171. 5th Dolphin Sub handed over to Israel
  172. USS Kearsarge in Eilat, Israel 14 May 2013
  173. Israel Shipyards Introduces the SAAR 72 Mini-Corvette Design
  174. ELBIT to Build New Sub Base in Haifa
  175. a few questions about the Israeli Navy
  176. Israel's 'Hydro Camel' unmanned Submarine
  177. A new goldern era for naval guns
  178. All you wanted to know about the Royal Navy.
  179. New Battlefield Simulator Better Than the Real Thing
  180. Don't buy Russian submarines.
  181. USS San Antonio Docks in Haifa
  182. Why does Israel not any Sub base in Eilat
  183. Refitted Gorshkov to set sail for India Nov 30
  184. Taiwan wants to buy submarines: president
  185. Next generation Zumwalt-class destroyer
  186. US Navy releases video of its unmanned Fire Scout helicopter taking its first success
  187. New offshore patrol vessels for Royal Navy
  188. Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme
  189. US panel: China navy power growing in the Pacific
  190. US to deliver first two Perry-class frigates in 2015
  191. The New Israei Navy
  192. China's aircraft carrier leaves for sea trials
  193. First P-8A Poseidons Report for Duty in Japan
  194. Germany to sell 2 destroyers to Israel
  195. Future USS Jackson (LCS 6) Launches, Marks Production Milestone
  196. Russia’s Northern Fleet Deploys New Borey-Class Nuclear Subs
  197. USN sailors sue Fukushima owner TEPCO over radiation exposure during aid operation
  198. Taiwan seeking to participate in RIMPAC: envoy
  199. Taiwan unveils 15-year Navy upgrade plan
  200. Russian Carrier Group Skirts Britain on Trip to Mediterranean
  201. Somali Piracy/Regional Maritime Security:Views From French Navy Indian Ocean Command
  202. US Carrier Reagan To Replace GW in Japan; Roosevelt to San Diego
  203. China and Russia may hold joint naval drill in the Mediterranean
  204. China stages naval drills in Southeast Asian waters
  205. Iran sends warships to Atlantic
  206. Israel Navy Restricts Safe Boat Ops
  207. Navy's cyber boss tabbed to become NSA chief
  208. Coha research: Brazil upgrades its sao paulo carrier
  209. US Navy nuclear officer cheating scandal grows, dozens decertified
  210. Russia prepared to modify submarines for Indian tender
  211. Russia to Arm Warships with New Air Defense System
  212. Drone fighter: US Navy ready to deploy first warfare laser onboard warship
  213. Russia to Strengthen Mediterranean Force With ‘Stealth’ Subs
  214. India should anchor maritime policies on a strong navy
  215. Navy Releases Updated Plan for Future Arctic Readiness
  216. Russian spy ship docks in Havana during surprise visit to Cuba
  217. What ails the Indian Navy?
  218. Hollande to continue cooperation with Russia
  219. Israel's 'dolphins' at play.
  220. Greenert: Navy Faces Support Shortfalls, Maintenance Backlogs
  221. Taiwan's first 'aircraft carrier killer' delivered
  222. U.S. forces seize tanker carrying oil from Libya rebel port
  223. Navy Vessels Destroy Smuggling Ships Bound for Gaza
  224. Crimean Combat Dolphins to Help Emergencies Ministry Divers Locate Explosives
  225. All Systems Go: Navy's Laser Weapon Ready for Summer Deployment
  226. ROC President calls for U.S. assistance to build submarines
  227. Navy Accepts Delivery of the future USS America
  228. Russian fighter jet buzzes U.S. Navy destroyer in Black Sea amid Ukraine crisis
  229. USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group returns home
  230. U.S. Navy to turn seawater into jet fuel
  231. Piracy and Floating Armouries in the Indian Ocean: Risk or a Solution?
  232. How do I join the Israeli's Navy?
  233. Royal Navy called in after Spanish Civil Guard boat invades British waters
  234. Portuguese navy's drone launch ends in embarrassing fail that's all caught on camera
  235. USN vessel in Haifa
  236. Australia’s Submarine Dilemma: Homegrown Or Not? – Analysis
  237. Sikorsky Wins U.S. Navy Contract to Replace 'Marine One' Helicopter Fleet
  238. INS Leviathan Mid-Life Rebuild in Haifa Complete
  239. The United Kingdom's national strategy for maritime security
  240. US Navy ‘Shaping Events’ in South China Sea
  241. Unraveling the History of the Israeli Navy
  242. Chinese Ships Head to US-led Pacific Rim Exercises
  243. New Naval Guns
  244. Raytheon awarded Phalanx upgrade contract
  245. Israeli Naval Vessel Helps Intercept Hamas Commandos Who Stormed Beach
  246. HMS Queen Elizabeth
  247. Guarding Israel's Shores: the Navy's Surveillance Unit
  248. Coast Guard foils 26/11-type attack, intruder boat blows itself up
  249. Israel Signed a Contract with Germany & TKMS for 4 Modified MEKO 80 Patrol Corvettes
  250. All you want to know about the Iranian 'Navy'.