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  1. UK troops 'need more helicopters'
  2. A Photographic History of Spain's Armour
  3. The Future of Spain's Carrier Fleet
  4. La Brunete: Spain's Armour Division!
  5. The French in Lebanon!
  6. Spanish 2006 National Day Parade
  7. Changing places
  8. France reaffirms upcoming Barracuda SSN deal notification
  9. Unreal Victoria Cross Citation
  10. Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force)
  11. U.K Troops are having to buy there own guns
  12. New French Anti-Tank Missile
  13. France Scared of Hizbo
  14. Modern Russian Military sales
  15. Hizbo Remove French UN in Lebanon
  16. Jihad Continues in Spain
  17. "I will not be at peace until those towers fall"
  18. French nuclear carrier Charles de Gaulle
  19. Taliban 'invite' 10,000 Uzbeks to Helmand
  20. British hostage crisis
  21. Russian & Iranian Crisis
  22. Today, 25 years ago, the Falkland Islds. were invaded. Britain fought back.And today?
  23. 'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday'
  24. Botched US Raid led to hostage crisis
  25. A French hostage in Iran
  26. BBC Cancels Show About UK Soldier "Too Positive"
  27. France's New Surrender
  28. 'Death to US': Anti-Americanism examined
  29. al-Qaeda call for its "reconquest" of Spain
  30. Al-Qaeda ‘planning big British attack’
  31. "UK — You will pay!" Islam in London
  32. BBC Apologizes for Calling Sailors 'Hostages'
  33. '4,000 terror suspects in UK'
  34. Jaish al-Islam demanding UK free jailed Islamic radicals for BBC reporter
  35. Russian Spying Back to Cold War Levels — U.S. Official
  36. United Kingdom Pushes For India's Entry Into United Nations Security Council
  37. Russia launches new nuclear submarine
  38. Russia's Air Forces to Buy Dozens of Black Sharks, Alligators
  39. Britain anti-Semitic country
  40. The UK public HATES the millatary
  41. Contact Address
  42. France expels Iranian suspected of ties to nuclear drive
  43. British hostages held by ‘Iran-backed’ killers
  44. Iran supplied missile that hit UK helicopter
  45. Blair: We are fighting al-Qaeda, Iranian regime in Iraq
  46. al-Qaeda declares Jihad against 'Zionist' Sarkozy
  47. "Terrorist 007" Pleads Guilty in UK Crown Court
  48. Al Qaeda Warned British Cleric: 'Those Who Cure You Will Kill You'
  49. UK Muslim Student Jailed for Smuggling Weapons Plans
  50. Up to 4000 jihadists have attended training camps in Afghanistan, returned to Britain
  51. British Medical Journal: Should We Boycott Israel?
  52. Hassan Nasrallah’s praise for French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner
  53. Brits Caving in to Hamas
  54. Burning Another American Flag in the Name of Allah
  55. Two suspected jihadists arrested in Spain
  56. Yet Another Group of British Homegrown Jihadists Sentenced to Jail
  57. Jailed Hamza moans: Stop picking on me.
  58. Russian Paratroops
  59. UK TV Welcomes New Islamic Overlords
  60. British Civics Class Asks, What Would Muhammad Do?
  61. Britain remains a major source of publishing and distribution of Hamas incitement.
  62. Sarkozy raises prospect of Iran airstrikes
  63. Spain's secret service warns jihadists could kidnap Europeans in Africa
  64. British Libraries Helping the Global Jihad
  65. France mulling non-UN sanctions against Iran
  66. "Our followers 'must live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad'"
  67. Hardline takeover of British mosques.
  68. Muslim group behind ‘mega-mosque’ seeks to convert all Britain
  69. Bishop warns that Muslims who convert risk being killed
  70. France's president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is pushing for tougher tactics towards Iran
  71. Sarkozy, a Frenchman in a hurry, maps his path
  72. Poland to boost Afghanistan troops in wake of Bhutto assassination
  73. Poland wants own military zone in Afghanistan
  74. Polish Military Plane Crash Kills Twenty
  75. Briton admits plot to behead Muslim soldier
  76. Jewish-Serbian Defence Force: Today Kosovo, tomorrow all of Europe
  77. Russia making easy deal with Algeria
  78. Israel backs Georgia
  79. EU voices strong concern over Russian missiles
  80. fender bender in the ocean
  81. NATO secretary-general candidate deemed "disrespectful toward Islam"
  82. British intelligence service mistakenly recruited Al-Qaeda sympathizers
  83. British bullets too small to fell 'high' Taliban
  84. Finnish & Germany military
  85. russian paratruppers
  86. some pics of the UK military curtesy of the MOD website
  87. new stealth ucav
  89. MoD announces Trident to be replaced by two men in a boat, rowing
  90. Welcome to NATOstan
  91. Russians at work on military spaceplane
  92. Muslims good for UK - Cherie sister
  93. NATO to take control of Libya sampaign
  94. Russia assaults Islamic separatist's base
  95. ‘Code crisis’ overshadows Turkey’s planned purchase of F-35 jets
  96. Czech Police Uncover Suspected North Caucasus Terrorist Cell
  97. Obama: U.S., Russia To Work On Missile Defense
  98. 2 decades ago, who would'ev thought?
  99. Errr have British Army prosecuters gone crazy??
  100. The Top Brass and the Politicians: Strained Relations
  101. Germany to sell tanks to Saudi?
  102. Army Cull As 17,000 Troops Are Set For Chop
  103. Turkish public, policymakers divided over NATO
  104. Ayatollah of the RAF: Academic 'university' head is anti-Semitic Muslim convert
  105. U.S., Russia to continue missile defense talks in St. Petersburg
  106. Serb Republic will not allow the recognition of Palestine
  107. Moldovan Army Chief Sacked
  108. CENTCOM commander meets with government and military officials in Estonia
  109. NATO Secretary General attends a Special Forces joint exercise in Denmark
  110. U.K. Defence Sec Feels The Heat Over US Dinner
  111. 68% believe need for carriers has become more apparent since the 2010 SDSR
  112. Wounded soldiers face sack in speeded-up cuts: report
  113. Veterans fear they will not live to see an Arctic Medal
  114. United States To Stop Providing Russia Data On Europe Forces
  115. Dmitry Medvedev, Russia President, Says Missiles May Target U.S. Missile Defense Site
  116. Romania CIA Prison: Central Intelligence Agency Used Secret Makeshift Prison For Its
  117. William Hague questioned on Pakistan drone strikes
  118. Russia, Azerbaijan Discuss Lease Renewal For Radar Station
  119. Balance of Power Change: UK to Downsize Army, Rely on Others
  120. Britain to axe 700 of military's top brass: Report
  121. New Royal Navy images of Russian navy in Moray Firth
  122. Wherever You Are (Military Wives with Gareth Malone) Official Video
  123. General Knud Bartels starts as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
  124. Germany Resumes NATO Air Policing of the Baltic States
  125. British and French troops train together in France
  126. Italy
  127. Bikers show respect for troops
  128. Toulouse Jew-killing jihadist may have been informant for French intelligence service
  129. Muslim nuclear scientist goes on trial for plotting jihad attacks in France
  130. The Olympics
  131. Defence cuts: Army battalions could be axed or merged
  132. Estonia to Host 3 International Military Exercises in June
  133. Schiebel Pushes Camcopter For Maritime Surveillance
  134. Gibraltar tensions nearing flashpoint
  135. Chairman of NATO Military Committee welcomes Lithuania’s intention
  136. Belgium Takes Command of NATO Mine Counter Measures Group
  137. New Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
  138. Ex-Forces Chiefs In Arms Deal Investigation
  139. Russia Reveals New Missile Fired from Container
  140. TA: 'Radical' Revamp Planned For Reserves
  141. MoD makes £50m patrol vehicle order
  142. Putin Replaces Top Military Leaders
  143. British Army's fleet of Apache helicopters 'could be scrapped'
  144. EU deal 'is first step towards joining Euro Army
  145. British Defence Chief Warns That Military Cutbacks Limit Ability To Respond To Govern
  146. Cyber Attack Threat: UK Armed Forces Warned
  147. Defence of UK has diminished 'to a perilous degree'
  148. Countering weapons proliferation
  149. Kongsberg to upgrade Norway's air defence system
  150. rael hints at apology to Turkey over Gaza flotilla
  151. Putin tells army to shape up for foreign threat
  152. British Army Bases In Germany To Close By 2019
  153. Russian soldiers ARE tough
  154. Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier - News and Discussion
  155. The Musketeers of The Royal Life Guards
  156. Sweden to join NATO Response Force and exercise Steadfast Jazz
  157. Reforming EU Battlegroups
  158. No NATO Membership For Georgia, Ukraine in 2014 – Official
  159. Poland plans to purchase Ukrainian-produced anti-tank missiles
  160. Moscow, Minsk to Discuss Russian Airbase in Belarus
  161. Independent report praises MoD reform
  162. Poland announces new military structure
  163. Jailed Ex-Marine Challenges Murder Conviction
  164. Belarus jails two for spying for Lithuania
  165. Russian Arms Exporter Denies Links to Greece Bribe Scandal
  166. UK MoD 'wasted millions on failed computer system'
  167. Support for NATO increases in Montenegro
  168. UK to spend $6.5 bln on military drones
  169. Viagra pills 'stolen from MoD'
  170. NATO Chiefs of Defence define military priorities for 2014
  171. Britain to limit its involvement in military operations abroad - MoD
  172. Romania celebrates 10 years in NATO
  173. UK And France Agree Closer Defence Co-Operation
  174. NATO flies with partners over Iceland for first time
  175. Rafale, Israel, and DeGaulle: Something to consider...
  176. Merkel, Hollande to discuss European communication network avoiding U.S.
  177. Nato to decide on cyber attacks
  178. Macedonia and Greece sign military pact
  179. Official Provides Details on U.S. Augmentation in Baltics
  180. U.S. Will Beef Up Air Operations in Poland
  181. Russia’s Resurgence: Policy Options for United States
  182. Belarus Seeks to Host More Russian Jets Amid Ukraine Crisis
  183. Russian military starts aviation exercises in northwest
  184. Nato, Ukraine join military exercise in Bulgaria
  185. Russia ready to annex Moldova region, Nato commander claims
  186. Brimstone Completes Drone Test Trials
  187. U.S., British Defense Leaders Discuss Ukraine, NATO
  188. Norway’s Stoltenberg confirmed for NATO top job
  189. uk sniper kills 6 with one bullet
  190. NATO Suspends All Practical Coooperation with Russia - Statement
  191. NATO Air Force manoeuvres begin in Lithuania
  192. U.S. Sends More Marines to Romania, Navy Vessel to Black Sea
  193. Secretary General tells Estonia NATO is firmly committed to collective defence
  194. Ukraine Puts Mothballed Mig-29 Fighter Jets Back in Service
  195. Ukraine crisis seen as wake up call to NATO
  196. NATO commander says US troops may be deployed to Europe over Ukrainian crisis
  197. Estonia ready to station NATO pursuit planes for 8 months – Estonia's DM
  198. A Dove Heads up Hawkish NATO
  199. U.S., NATO Remain Concerned About Situation in Ukraine
  200. NATO to Boost Military Presence in Baltic, Mediterranean
  201. ​Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops
  202. US Army Paratroopers Deploy to Poland, Baltics
  203. RAF fighter jets intercept Russian bombers off coast of Scotland
  204. Romanian military units moving towards Ukrainian border
  205. Russia Starts Combat Helicopter Training Flights on Baltic Border
  206. NATO Holds Largest Ever Intelligence, Surveillance And Reconnaissance Test In Norway
  207. Our War: Into the Hornets' Nest
  208. Putin’s new model army
  209. Macedonia to join EU Battle Group exercise
  210. Moscow blocks military functions of U.S. GPS stations on Russian soil
  211. Russia : necessary measures if NATO military potential comes closer to its borders
  212. Obama Reassures Eastern European Allies of US Commitment
  213. U.S. to beef up Black Sea presence after Crimea crisis: Hagel
  214. Eurofighter jet crashes at Spanish base, killing pilot
  215. After Ukraine, U.S. trains more special forces in eastern Europe
  216. Russia launches war games in NATO's backyard
  217. Putin's complicated game in Ukraine
  218. Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armour
  219. What's Behind The Resurgence Of Fighting In Eastern Ukraine?
  220. BRITISH ARMY CHIEFS warn interrogators not to yell Muslim terrorist suspects
  221. British Investigation for touching Taliban on the nose with a piece of paper
  222. Russian war games in the Baltic Sea region: the Swedish case
  223. Russian Fighter Jet Nearly Collides with U.S. Spy Jet Over Europe
  224. Europe faces a 'real threat' from Russia, warns US army commander
  225. Royal Navy and Nato launch BIGGEST EVER war games on Russia's borders
  226. Balts Say Russian Navy Bullying Undersea Cable Crews
  227. European war games: Responses to Russian military drills
  228. U.S. Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in East Europe
  229. Kaliningrad, Moscow's Military Trump Card
  230. U.S. Will Send Weapons and Troops to NATO to Help Defend Against Russia
  231. France: 200 Detonators Stolen from Army Base with Explosives
  232. Budget 2015: George Osborne says Britain will meet defence spending target
  233. Pentagon Fears It’s Not Ready for a War With Putin
  234. NATO Allies Making It Easier for Iran to Attack Israel?
  235. NATO opens military center in Lithuania amid Ukraine crisis
  236. Sweden reportedly considering joining NATO over fears of Russian aggression
  237. Dutch air force sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion
  238. Trident Juncture: Toward a Mediterranean Cold War?
  239. Nato chief sounds alarm over russian buildup
  240. Will France invoke NATO’s Article 5 to declare war on Islamic State?
  241. Possible Russia-West Rapprochement Over Syria Stokes Fears In Europe's East
  242. German cabinet approves military aid for ISIS fight
  243. SAS Sniper Becomes Legend
  244. EU undermined arguments against Israel
  245. RUSSIA: Suffer Bravely And Silently For The Motherland
  246. New Polish authorities raid NATO spy centre, fire staff
  247. Swiss Army Chief: Europe 'on The Verge of Civil War'
  248. FM denies Italy refused to take part in anti-ISIS campaign
  249. Islam and Rape: Joined at the Hip
  250. Russian Military Intelligence Gets a New Boss