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  1. Guatemalan Special Forces KAIBIL
  2. Colombian Armed Forces
  3. Tavor in Guatemala
  4. venezuela - nuclear thing
  5. Britain cannot defend Falklands: Admiral
  6. The Remilitarisation of Latin American Streets
  7. Controversy over the words of Luis D’Elia about Israel
  8. USS Nicholas Supports Drug Interdiction
  9. Unasur Nations Reveal Military Spending, Deepen Cooperation
  10. General Dynamics Land Systems Canada To Provide Colombia With 24 LAV's
  11. Defence chiefs prepare new plans to defend Falkland Islands
  12. Colombian rebels target oil, mining sectors
  13. Colombia’s Role In International Defense Cooperation – Analysis
  14. Venezuela arrests three generals for alleged coup plot
  15. Block 60 Kfir Fighters for Argentina