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  1. Why doesn't anyone care about Africa? (1st post here ever)
  2. No Peace in Somalia without Islamic State
  3. Darfur Defector Confesses Racial Massacre of 300,000 Africans in the Name of Jihad...
  4. Counter-Insurgency, Chad-Style
  5. Somali jihadists denounce "recent peace talks," prepare to renew jihad
  6. The BRAVE block-busters
  7. History
  8. American is believed to be a leader in Al-Shabaab
  9. Jihad Corsairs on High Seas: What's Behind them?
  10. Renewed Focus on Foreign Fighters and Terrorist Threats in Somalia
  11. UAVs now over the seas of Somalia
  12. Any jew in the MONUC force in the D.R of the Congo?
  13. U.S./NATO bomb Libya
  14. French fighters shoots down Libyan aircraft
  15. We should arm insurgents to topple Gaddafi
  16. NATO failing rebels in Libya
  17. Sudan accuses Israel of airstrike
  18. Israel's Sudan Attack and Arms Smuggling
  19. Another top al-Qaeda killed in Somalia
  20. Al-Qaida's North Africa Affiliate Swears Allegiance to New Leader
  21. Jihadists using ex-military members for reconnaissance, veiled women to transport bom
  22. Contingency Response Wing Takes on Africa Mission
  23. Shabaab Essay Boasts of Western Recruits
  24. African Union troops intervene after Somali jihadists threaten aid camps
  25. Lybian missile misses Italian warship
  26. USS Samuel B. Roberts Makes APS Port Call in Tanzania
  27. Scud missile fired by Gaddafi forces
  28. At least 18 dead in suicide car bombing on UN; UN had been warned Boko Haram might at
  29. Manpad AtoA missiles missing in Lybia
  30. South African Army Soldiers visit U.S. Army Africa
  31. Obama Sends U.S. Forces to Help African Troops Confront Lord's Resistance Army
  32. Gadhafi killed in firefight during capture, say Libyan forces
  33. The Libyan Pandora’s Box
  34. Al-Shabaab jihadists contact Kenyan government about negotiations
  35. Al-Qaeda Flags Are Raised in a Pro-Shari'a Rally in Libya
  36. Kenya: Al-Shabaab receiving airdrops of weapons
  37. Al-Shabaab warns Kenya of "endless war"
  38. Nigeria's Boko Haram: we kill because Allah says we should kill
  39. The Grand Ambition of African Jihadis (Family Security Matters)
  40. Egyptian Islamists Admit Sending Fighters to Sudan
  41. U.S. AFRICOM and Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Collaborate on African Security
  42. Malian Defense Soldiers Learn Logistics with U.S. Army Special Forces
  43. "Britons" streaming into Somalia to train for jihad
  44. Libyan Rebel Commander Was Flotilla Terrorist
  45. Libya: The New Al-Qaeda Stronghold
  46. Ex-Hostage Decries Reluctance to Accept al-Qaeda's Stated Religious Objectives
  47. Jihadist bombings in Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria more powerful in 2011
  48. US to send large combat brigade throughout Africa
  49. US offers millions in bounty for top members of Al Qaeda-linked group in Somalia
  50. AFRICOM Commander Details Current, Emerging Threats
  51. NATO sponsors project to helps reduce terrorism risk in Mauritania
  52. Sudan threatens Israel over alleged Israeli Air Attack
  53. Cutlass Express 2012 Kicks-Off Throughout East Africa
  54. Africa: No Interest in Africom Bases in Africa
  55. U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis' Hands
  56. U.S., France differ over how to deal with "explosive" Mali
  57. AU Ready to Increase Military Presence in CAR
  58. War in Africa, Urgent
  59. French air raids halt Mali insurgents
  60. CAR Rebels Agree to Ceasefire During Peace Talks
  61. Lets stand behind France
  62. Mali - Its ALL about "URANIUM".
  63. Algerian hostages ends in bloodbath
  64. Mali Islamist terrorist's executed hostages
  65. North Africa Is the New Afghanistan
  66. French forces clear Timbuktu
  67. British troops to join Mali conflict
  68. US Military Plans Drone Base in Northwest Africa
  69. France ready to withdraw from Mali
  70. Al Qaeda's top commander in Mali has reportedly been killed
  71. Special Ops Veterans’ Group Calls for Select Probe of Benghazi Attack
  72. 150 Boke Haram Islamist's die in nigerian attack
  73. Africom Helps Partners Stand Up to Violent Extremism
  74. New Paladin to Enter Low-Rate Production
  75. Four U.S. Military Personnel Released By Libya After Being Briefly Detained
  76. Libyan air force attacks targets in south after gunmen storm airbase
  77. AU: Standby Force Needed to Respond to Conflicts
  78. US military steps up operations in the Horn of Africa
  79. AMISOM Expands Operations Against al-Shabab in Somalia
  80. US sends special forces to Uganda to hunt for brutal warlord Joseph Kony
  81. Security Council establishes UN peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic
  82. US to deliver Apache helicopters to Egypt
  83. US Signs Long-Term Lease for Military Base in Djibouti
  84. USARAF trains Nigerian Ranger Battalion for full spectrum operations
  85. Did the USA Block Israel Arms Sales To Nigeria?
  86. ISIS Aspirations and U.S. Strikes in Libya
  87. is the support real