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08-03-2011, 11:28 PM
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This is really a total send up, the 'missile' could have been anything from a rpg to an anii personal mortar, but the 'miss' of about 2 kilometers shows how difficult it actually is to acquire a target for a missile to hit, then actually get the 'missile' to hit its target.


Libyan missile misses Italian warship

By the CNN Wire Staff
August 3, 2011 -- Updated 1804 GMT (0204 HKT)


The missile fell into the sea about 2 kilometers from the frigate Bersagliere
"We haven't used our real military power," a Gadhafi spokesman says
He discounts claims that pro-Gadhafi forces are down to 20% of their capabilities
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Libyan government forces fired a missile at an Italian warship in the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday in a rare attack on the NATO fleet offshore, a government spokesman said.

The frigate Bersagliere was about 19 kilometers (12 miles) off the Libyan city of Zlitan when the missile fell harmlessly into the sea about 2 km away, the Italian defense ministry and NATO reported.
"The ship was not harmed and continued on its mission," NATO said in a statement. "NATO ships go in harm's way to seek those military targets which continue to threaten the people of Libya."
In Tripoli, government spokesman Musa Ibrahim told reporters that the missile had been launched by troops that remain loyal to longtime Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
"We have amazing capabilities that we have not felt that we need to use," Ibrahim said. "Our army is still very strong. We
haven't used our real military power."
He discounted allied claims that pro-Gadhafi forces had been reduced to 20% of their capabilities, adding, "For God's sake, if we are down here to 20%, what am I doing here?"
Gadhafi's forces have been battling a nearly six-month-long revolt that has split Libya roughly in half. NATO planes and warships joined the fight in March, pounding government troops under a U.N. mandate to protect civilians from reprisals by Gadhafi loyalists.
Though most of the allied campaign has been conducted from the air, NATO warships reported fighting at least two brief sea engagements with pro-Gadhafi forces off the port city of Misrata in May.

08-05-2011, 06:08 PM

Italy demands NATO probe regarding immigrants

Published August 05, 2011 | Associated Press

Italy has called on NATO to investigate reports that an alliance warship failed to come to the rescue of a boat stranded off Libya for nearly a week and that scores of migrants aboard may have died for lack of food and water.
Foreign Minister Franco Frattini made the request for a formal probe Friday and said he also instructed Italy's NATO ambassador to ask the alliance to consider the care of civilians fleeing Libya on rickety boats as part of the U.N. resolution that allows military action to protect civilians in Libya itself.
NATO launched its bombing campaign to protect civilians from attacks by the regime of Moammar Ghadafi on the basis of that resolution.
Some 24,000 migrants have reached Italy by sea since the bombing campaign began in March.
In the latest reported tragedy, the Italian coast guard on Thursday rescued hundreds of people packed aboard a ship stranded between Libya and the southern Italian island of Lampedusa. Unconfirmed reports from passengers said another hundred may have died with their bodies thrown overboard. Accounts in Italian media said the dead included women and children.
The reports said the boat sent an SOS to a nearby NATO warship but received neither help nor a response while being stranded for six days.
The alliance's command in Naples said it was looking into the report but had no immediate comment.
In a separate case, police in Sicily have detained six alleged human traffickers as suspects in the deaths of 25 African migrants aboard another overcrowded boat trying to reach Italy from Libya. The men picked up Friday were identified as citizens of Somalia, Morocco and Syria.
Authorities said they were operating the boat that was boarded Monday by the coast guard off the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is near the coast of Africa and has been the destination of scores of rickety and overcrowded boats carrying would-be immigrants.
The coast guard said the 50-foot (15-meter) boat carried 296 people, many packed in the hold.
Associated Press Writer Alessandra Rizzo in Rome contributed to this report.