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Yes, but also

Kahanei / Kahuna (Hawaiian) - for high priest
Makhsan / Magazine - for storage area
Kinah / Caione (Irish Gaelic--pronounced 'keen') - for Lament. Used in some dialects of English. The Book of Lamentation is called 'Kin'ah'
Avel / Evil - for iniquity, injustice
Asham / Ashamed - was guilty, sinned
Oabh / Obi (West African, West Indies) - Magic, Necromancy. The Witch of Ein Dor who woke Samuel from his death-sleep in She'ol was practicing Obi. 'Ba'alat Oabh' or Master of Conjuring/Necromancy is what she is calle din the Hebrew. She also held seances.

The list goes on and on--for many if not most languages. NOT JUST OR SPECIFICALLY Japanese. Thus the need for broader study. Otherwise it cam seem peculiar just to Japan to have some relationship to ancient Israel. The connection is much more widespread than that, even if the connected includes Japan.

Can you accept the idea that an ancient connection between Israel and many nations, many races, many cultures, not somehow just Japan, might exist? I believe this to be a reasonable point, which does not negate what you might believe, so much as expand the direction in which you are going. Fair enough?

Look at Japan--great. But to be scientific and scholarly look out at other cultures and races and nations for the Israel connection. Makes it all more interesting.
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