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"Can you accept the idea that an ancient connection between Israel and many nations, many races, many cultures, not somehow just Japan, might exist? I believe this to be a reasonable point, which does not negate what you might believe, so much as expand the direction in which you are going. Fair enough?"
------ YES, But can you?! I don't think you understand; ONE (1) Japanese have a Hebrew identifier in their DNA!!!!! TWO (2) There is a LOT of culture and language similarities in Japan compared to Hebrew.
------ China and Korean do not have these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------ I spent almost 10 years in East Asia, so should know something about this.
------ Are you ashamed that you might be related to the Japanese?
------ Many Jew's and Japanese here in the U.S. take this as EXCITING news, but not you?
------ You are so adamant to refute the facts that I have presented or change the subject (which Liberal's do constantly).

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