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Sad thing is, there were potentially great areas for hard-nosed, but very enjoyable discussions of the spread of ancient Israelis around the globe. The over-focus on Japan, Japan, Japan is just way too narrow.

And I'll add to what Scelli says about either foundational Biblical Christian belief, or those of a Torah Jew, being unaffected by the entire matter.

I know that we Israelis have a more abrupt, assertive conversational manner (even in fluent English), and I hope that I did not unwittingly put our sensitive friend Makato off. But sticking to the subject would have worked, instead of heading off on the ad hominem track. Suggesting that I am a liberal, as Americans or Brits might reckon?

Me, who wanted to see one of our submarines surface right under the Turkish ship Mavi Mamara in emergency breach mode?
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