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Lightbulb Lebanese Sunni Cleric Bilal Daqmaq Attacks Iran and Hizbullah

Special Dispatch - No. 2153

December 15, 2008
No. 2153

Lebanese Sunni Cleric Bilal Daqmaq Attacks Iran and Hizbullah, States: We Are Terrorists in the Service of What Is Right

Following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese Sunni cleric Bilal Daqmaq, which aired on OTV on November 20, 2008.
To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit

Bilal Daqmaq "I wish terms like 'terrorism' and 'fundamentalism' would not be used in a hostile manner with regard to Muslims. We are terrorists, if you want to use this term, but our terrorism is in the service of what is right.

"Allah says in the Koran: 'Prepare against them what force and steeds of war you can, to strike terror in the enemies of Allah and in your own enemies.' Whoever attacks us or wants to strike terror in our hearts - we will strike terror in his heart, if necessary.

"But in Lebanon, there is an army and there are security forces, which must protect the citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We do not employ terrorism in this country, because there are security forces that must carry out their duties. When they are remiss in this - as we've seen in Beirut and Tripoli - the people will have no choice but to defend themselves."
Interviewer: "Does self-defense require the blowing up of Lebanese army trucks and buses?"

Bilal Daqmaq: "Of course not. We denounce this. But if we're attacked by the Lebanese army or by anyone, we will defend ourselves."
Interviewer: "Hizbullah is a resistance force."

Bilal Daqmaq: "What resistance? The resistance is over. Resolution 1701 ended the resistance, and the Lebanese army moved into South Lebanon.
"I believe that the dialogue is futile and that Hizbullah will not turn in its weapons, because frankly, these weapons are connected to the Iranian-Syrian agenda."

Interviewer: "So your solution is to arm yourselves?"

Bilal Daqmaq: "No, the solution is for the Lebanese army to carry out its duties. Millions of dollars have been spent on the army, and if it can disarm Hizbullah, we will welcome this. Otherwise, it should be done through dialogue and politics."
Interviewer: "How do you view the Iranian regime?"

Bilal Daqmaq: "This regime plays the Lebanese 'card' improperly. It wants to exploit this country, in order to promote its nuclear program."

Interviewer: "Do you consider the Iranian regime to be heretical?"

Bilal Daqmaq: "The Iranian regime is not an Islamic government. They have a constitution and a religion of their own. This is not an Islamic regime."
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