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Originally Posted by Katin Chorizo View Post
Hi there. I'll keep this simple. I'm 25, an Israeli citizen based in Europe. I have not completed IDF service and, because of a whole bunch of reason, I feel the need to complete it now. I know that I will only have to do 6 months once I become a 'resident' again. The question I have is what, in 6 months, am I likely to be doing, and whether it is worth volunteering for longer (say a year) in the hope of doing something a bit more interesting and possibly kravi. I am also a qualified lawyer (though I have no illusions of grandeur; I will peel potatoes for 6 months if that's where I'm needed). Thanks.
I'm not certain who told you that you would serve even six months. You most likely would never be required to serve at all, including reserves.

You may very well end up in MAGAR, a much more likely outcome.
In any event, if you do end up serving, it would almost certainly be in infantry.

As to signing keva, again, I will be frank with you. The chances of you being attractive to the IDF are thin. There is no manpower shortage in the IDF. You might very well have to argue with them about serving. On this site we have come up with two people now, I believe, over the age of 25 since 2003 who have gotten in.

The information here is pretty accurate:
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