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If you have tried this again, and it still doesnt work please let us know on this thread.
Originally Posted by Knaur View Post
It is possible you may have incorrectly followed the procedure for adding a picture in your signature. This is how you are supposed to go about it - Click on User CP , then on Edit Signature in the settings and options coloumn on the left, then enter the exact web address of your picture (URL of the photo, not of the page on which it is) or browse and upload one from your computer. Also, not all image types or sizes are supported.
Let us know, exactly what you want in your signature, then we will see if the source may be the problem.

Please note as I have mentioned in your intro thread:

We dont allow any self advertising, if you have a book or website that is yours please place it in your profile info & homepage, but not in your posts on the forum.

If your signature was in any way related to your book, it will have been removed. If not then please try the steps Knaur has mentioned it should work. If not let us know again and we will see what happens. Furthermore you will be able to PM once you have 15 posts only.
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