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Arrow Jihadists planned Christmas 2009 attack on New York clubs, restaurants

Jihadists planned Christmas 2009 attack on New York clubs, restaurants

Hoping to "strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah" (Qur'an 8:60)

"Second terror attack may have targeted city's clubs, restaurants," by Mike Levine for FoxNews/Newscore via the New York Post, July 16:
The failed bombing attempt over Detroit on Christmas Day may not have been the only attack that extremists planned for the 2009 holiday, with intelligence from overseas indicating three weeks earlier that a plot targeting New York City on the same day may have been in the works, according to an FBI report obtained Friday by the Fox News Channel.

"The final target of the attack was not known, but extremist members had allegedly discussed restaurants and night clubs located in New York City," the FBI's assistant legal attache in London wrote in a so-called threat report exactly three weeks before Christmas.

"The extremists allegedly discussed conducting the attack on Dec. 25, to coincide with the Christmas holiday."

The Dec. 4 report, sent to U.S. and British counterterrorism officials, warned that "extremists allegedly planned to conduct a test run" that evening, hiding components for an improvised explosive device in a shipment of khat, a plant often chewed like tobacco that is a tradition for many in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

"The extremists allegedly planned to smuggle unknown components of an unspecified explosive device onto a cargo flight departing ... Nairobi, Kenya on Dec. 4 with a final destination of London, England," said the report, which did not not identify the extremists or disclose the source of the information. "The group allegedly did not intend to detonate an explosive device on an aircraft."

In England, a "Caucasian British Muslim ... would [allegedly] facilitate the transfer of the components to [a] flight bound for NYC," according to the report.

In New York, "the group was coordinating its efforts with a Somali man living [in the city]," said the report, which identified the possible U.S. suspect only as "Mohammed." The report did not say whether "Mohammed" was a first name or a surname, noting that authorities had no further information about him....
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