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Originally Posted by odie072 View Post
Texted her today what she is doing, helping her father paint the roof apparently, told her to remind me what colour hair her dad has again as its raining outside wouldn't be suprised if its blonde, the bloody Russian commies!

Nah, she texts back, just cleaning it today, yup that makes sense on a sloping roof in the rain

Oh well, her loss, I was planning on showing her my Season's Special - Heroin Chic Executive Tramp look ! Bugger it, can't wait to get the ride sorted and be out of Auckland for the vacations !
All our wars in air or in water are of NO worth;
if we haven’t so far learnt to live on earth.
All battles do culminate in ending a war;
A war generating battles is ‘curse’ not ‘mirth’.

At that time, I will search out and destroy all of the nations who have come against Jerusalem - Zechariah 12:9
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