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a kindergarten teacher was teaching English to her children one day and asked the class to give her examples of a sentence with the word 'charming' in it. 3 children duly raise their hands, Rosie, Judy and johnny. Now Johnny was a very naughty boy and there was no way that the teacher was going to ask him to give a sentence with the word 'charming' in it. So teacher asks Rosie first

Rosie ' Miss, my family watched a film last night and it was romantic and charming'

teacher 'well done Rosie, thats was very good'

next she asks Judy

Judy ' miss, my father brought some flowers home last night for my mother's birthday and they went out for a meal. when they came back my mum said that they had a wonderful and charming evening.'

teacher ' oh well done Judy, excellent'

the teacher looks around and asks the class again for answers but this time only Johnny puts up his hand and so exasperated the teacher says 'ok Johnny, surprise me'

Johnny 'Miss,Miss, I know a sentence with charming in it twice!!'

teacher sighs and says 'oh go on then, seems as no-one else wants to contibute'

Johnny smiles and takes a deep breath 'last night my big sister who's 16 came home and told our dad that she was pregnant. And my dad said-charming, absolutely F*cking charming!!'
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