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Originally Posted by New Ron View Post
I sure hope President Trump will stick to his promise. Him trying to make peace between Israelis and Arabs is NOT helping! Arabs want Jerusalem as the capital of their future state and part of their caliphate! There is no peace deal without it involving giving up east Jerusalem and the Temple mount over the control of the arabs! America MUST MAKE IT CLEAR, a peace deal YES, but without Jerusalem as part of any discussions. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and thats that!


I concur with your concerns New Ron, President Trump MUST stick to his promise of moving the USA Embassy from Tell Aviv to the eternal Capital of Israel, " Jerusalem ", I would accept " West Jerusalem " as a present compromise, as I believe in the near future " West Jerusalem " and " East Jerusalem " will merge in to their rightful State as " Jerusalem" as of and from the days of King David.

Jerusalem has NEVER EVER been the " Capital " of any other people / or Country, but ' Israel " and her " Jewish " owners for well over 3000 years ago.

I do have one concern, POTUS Trump has/is visiting with 80 odd " Sunni " Arab nations in Saudi Arabia, apparently there is mention of " Military Arms Sales " of over 100 Billion Dollars to these " Sunni " nations, what sort of a deal has the USA work out with the " Sunni's " ?

I'm worried that the faux " Palestinian's " will agree to possible USA State Department offer to a " Peace " deal between Israel and the Faux Palestinian's, in that the " Faux Palestinian's " will recognise the " Jewish State " of Israel, but ONLY if the " Jewish State " recognises " East Jerusalem " as the " Capital " of the faux " Palestinian " people and the " West Bank " as the State of Palestine.

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