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Originally Posted by Knaur View Post
Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, so it has been and so it will be long after USA is gone and forgotten.
I certainly agree with Your statement.

Whilst, I am a " Trump " supporter , ALL those promises during the POTUS election suddenly seem to be going in to a " silence ".

I'm worried that the 100's of billions of $dollars promised by the Saudi's may " slow down " the promised movement of the USA Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the USA State Department would certainly be backing this.

You only have to look at the 'cowardice ' of the last 4 POTUS's , in suddenly breaking their " promised " movement of the USA Embassy to Jerusalem.

The whole stupidity is the FACT that there no such ethnic people as the " Palestinians ", and NO SUCH Country as 'Palestine".

This whole hoax of Palestine and the Palestinians is laughable. Israel must educate the rest of the World through a few education speeches at the U.N..

All these so called "faux Palestinian's " are, are South Syrian / Egyptian Arabs.

And there so called ' Palestine " is the historic Homeland of its historic Jewish Owners foe over 3000 years, of Judea and Samaria .

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