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In the link---the boy in the photos besides the old person in Indian clothes and behind the Indian flag is son of my friend , who is an Israeli of Indian origin.

Most of the Jews of Indian Origin in Israel originally hail from my state---Maharashtra . Jews were never persecuted in India and many maintain a deep bond with India even in Israel.

I was in the Australian military back in the early 1960's.

This was back in the days of SEATO.

We moored in , what was then " Bombay ", now called , " Mumbai ".

Its was quite a cultural shock to go from the open spaces of Australia, to the multitudes of the Indian population.

" Bombay ' in those days was divided in to ( 4 ? ) Main sections, these were also in distinct architectural buildings, from my memory, the Jewish buildings where of a round structure, and covered a fairly large area of " Bombay " .

I imagine that " Bombay " has changed a lot in the last 60 years, the " Indian's " of ALL denominations ( Hindu, Christian, Janist's, Sikh's and Jewish, were very friendly and welcoming back then, I imagine they are all still the same.
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