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As you might suspect, the physical requirements are in line with those of any paratrooper in almost any military. Israel uses lower elevation jumps, but also flies and fights at lower altitudes. It should be simple for you to look at what is required to get into any of these units. We do not share exact specifications for the IDF here.

As always, note the caveat: The IDF speaks one language only - hebrew. If you cannot speak hebrew you automatically become the best person on any base you are at to pick up large objects, move them somewhere else and put them down - for 3 years. You can't give orders in a language you don't speak, and if you ever want to be something other than a buck private (tor- eye- ee) than you also need to be able to read orders.

The amount of hebrew you pick up from now until you get into uniform is invariably an indicator of the type of service experience you are going to have.
For information about enlisting in the IDF please see our archives from the now closed web site:
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