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Originally Posted by Sol View Post
well, another case, israeli women did fall in love with a german tourist, moved with her daughter to him to his location in germany, daughter is now nearly 18 and wants to go to the idf. Can she do it? She still is israeli and its her greates wish.

How she can enter idf now? Somebody know?
Sol. She is an 18 year old Israeli. She is expected to serve.
Many women choose not to, but many more do serve. I assume she
has an Israeli passport. Contact the embassy and find out if it is doable.

What has to next be determined is if it is in her best interest.
I am not looking for answers for us, but for you and your daughter. How often has she been there? How fluent is she? Is she observant or not. Where would she stay when not in the army. And so on.

Legally, there is no obstacle.
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