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Well, I'm not Israeli, so I can't and won't even attempt to answer that one, but I would like to address one thing:

"but there is this common reality in israel in that if you kick and whine and scream and argue enough eventually someone will give you what you want...its the israeli way, everything and anything is possible if you demand it.

You are young and have so much to learn about life. You know this from 3 months(I believe thats how long you stated you was in Israel)?

That might of been the sad end of the story. But Nemo refused to give in without a fight. Ignoring his serious head wound, the 85 pound dog threw himself at the Vietcong guerrillas who had opened fire. Nemo's ferocious attack brought Thorneburg the time he needed to call in backup forces.

Although severely wounded, Nemo crawled to his master and covered him with his body.
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