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Originally Posted by Pini View Post
I have a Jewish american born friend who made aliyah almost 12 months ago. After less than one month of making aliyah he went to the recruiting office and argued for about 3 days before being allowed to fully enlist. He was 24 at this time.

I hear from Rafi and others whats impossible etc, but there is this common reality in israel in that if you kick and whine and scream and argue enough eventually someone will give you what you want...its the israeli way, everything and anything is possible if you demand it.
It is always refreshing to get a new view.

Let's see - After growing up in America myself, I have 35 years in the IDF, headed a unit and work worldwide with those seriously interested in serving. I'm a liason with the draft board there, fought in three wars, became an officer and last served less than six months ago.

But fortunately we have an American teenager who himself is a draft dodger and has avoided serving in Israel despite his obligation, and he knows someone who after a brief conversation has been able to prove that I am wrong.

Pini, you are embarrasing yourself. Is it possible in the history of the IDF that someone talked their way in? Of course it is possible. But it would take a child to advise someone to leave their home, move across the world with no plan and know that "anything is possible" as a plan for how to live the next few years of their life.
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