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Originally Posted by Lech View Post
So they have this programme, but can a non-israeli jew just join as a regular soldier instead of doing this programme?
You've got to understand that this is not that easy.

Anyone who is not Israeli is by the IDF ' someone which you can't trust '.

You can't possibly think that anyone from out there can just come and join the IDF as a regular soldier. Who knows where you came from, what are your intensions, and what you will do with the information beeing given to you.

You can betray us just like that, the most easy thing is for terrorists to get inside the IDF, earn everyone's trust and than to stab everyone in the back.

That's why non-jewish ( and most jewish also ) coming from abroad will probably never get a serious job in the IDF, not to mentioun an M-16.

But even so, there're many many people like that who enjoys their jobs in the IDF.
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