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Originally Posted by impuls3 View Post
Let us clear up a couple things.
1) Mahal is NOT the official IDF volounteer organization. It is a privately operated organization not directly affiliated with the army

2) "That's why non-jewish ( and most jewish also ) coming from abroad will probably never get a serious job in the IDF" For non-Israeli, non-jews that statement is correct. For non-Israeli Jews, that statement is false. A non Israeli who chooses to join the IDF for their full term of service, and passes all their testing (including Hebrew) can hold almost any job that an Israeli can hold. (minus; Pilots [7 yrs res. min], and Border Police [2 yrs res. min])
Not quite correct,

Maybe by official rules, getting those jobs is possible, practically, it is not.

I never met non-Israeli pilots ( and I don't think there're any ) , intelligence people, only Israelis. Once I met a guy who was born here and later moved to Norway, he was allowed into Nahal only because he had a very strong connection to Israel, and people testified he wanted to move here for couple of years.
My cousin Daniel, moved here from Ohio, wantede to join Matkal, in the end they authorized him only a regular infantry, to a squad full with foreign soldiers, so they will be able to speak English.

In my base there're couple of non-Israeli jews, none in serious jobs, and they happy with what they got.

But, I'm really not an expert for those matters, really really not.

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