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Just fyi.... Since Im residing overseas, so we get to cast our votes atleast 2 weeks prior to election date, and me along with 4 of my mates took a 2 hour road trip to vote for our next POTUS, Mitt Romney!! Even though I disagree with him on some accounts or some of his characteristics but no one is perfect and I do strongly feel that he is the best man for the job. I wish him the best and hope he leads us all and our allies into a better and more prosperous and secure future.

Those who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Ben Franklin

The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible. - Eric Hoffer

Today its a new beginning!
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