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Mash'al added that resistance is a fundamental principle for Hamas, which cooperates with all the resistance forces; that the PLO should be rebuilt so as to represent the entire Palestinian people; and that the resistance front, consisting of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and other resistance factions, is gathering strength and creating a situation in which Israel "can no longer win its wars."
================================================== ==

What sort of 'wacky weed' do these people inhale, they have LOST ever war they have fought against Israel.

They seem to live in some sort of self inflicted delusional state of a Islamic Disneyland Caliphate of water falls and doe-eyed maidens.

But, the worst delusion of all is that the leftwing 'useful idiots' press in the West print this pack of lies as it was the truth.

Until we can get some sort of rational odjectivity in to this Hamas/Hezbollah propaganda warfare, as these jihadi nutters actually believe the jibberish that they mouth off, the Jihadist are going to keep up their criminal attacks on Israel, and the West, because of the publicity they are getting for free in our Western news media, these criminals believe they are winning their War.

The 'War' we have to win against, for Peace to be won, is the present situation we have at this moment of a one sided media which presents these jihaddist lies and propaganda as the truth.

We need to get in first with the real truth, and not be left on the back foot, of countering these lies and propaganda, as we are now.

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