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I hope I was clear that I was relaying what I learned both in reading LDS theology, as explained by faithful Mormons, and in reading what professing Biblical Christians have said about Mormonism from their Biblical viewpoint. I am not trying to say what I like or not, or who is better or worse. Many Christians over many decades have stated publically that Mormonism is occult--this is therefore NOT my statement, nor do I even necessarily have an opinion at this time on the issue.

So please no one imagine that I am in any way suggesting that Obama is my candidate, OR that I believe that Romney is despicable or evil for being a Mormon. I am struggling to find out why a Biblical Christian could vote at all for either candidate, Romney because of a long-standing opinion of so many Evangelicals that Mormonism is occult. Obama has been in office 4 years almost, and I can see why he does not appeal to Evangelical voters, clearly.

That, in a nutshell, is the issue. I know many non-American Evangelicals, but only a few from the US. One of my few American Evangelical friends is an elderly gentleman from Oregon who I met one day in Teveryya when he was visiting in Israel name Dave Hunt, in case you know his writings. He is unequivocal about Mormonism, so it made me wonder if he is a typical Evangelical or not. (I don't know how wide-spread his works are, but a few have shown up in Hebrew.)

I can see exactly why Obama is not acceptable to Evangelical Christians. What really interests me, however, is the issue of the large Evangelical vote and Romney. Romney is said to be a devout Mormon, and I'll take his own claims at face value. He hasn't suggested that he disbelieves Mormon theology. Abroad we get the impression that being an Evangelical Christian voter means voting with a Bible perspective. But is it this, or really more voting conservative?

These terms and ideas are very cultural, so what may be obvious to Americans about domestic politics is not all that easy to understand everywhere else. Benyamin Netanyahu would be a liberal on most social issues by American standards, yet is much loved by conservatives in America. He is a Hawk on the defense of the Jewish nation. But Hawk and Conservative do always not correlate well here in Israel.

Romney is an avowed, faithful Mormon. Obama has a secular, pluralist, social-agenda orientation.

So I will rephrase my question:

A) Will it be a compromise, in any way, spiritually or otherwise, for a man of Biblical Christian faith to vote for a man of strong Mormon faith?

B) Is it legitimate for Biblically-minded voter to declare both Obama and Romney as unacceptable on spiritual grounds?

C) Or is the fundamental issue conservative vs liberal?
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