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Don't forget that our opinion of Obama and Romney here in Israel is based on exactly one thing: What is best for the survival of the Jewish nationality, both here in the homeland Israel, but also anywhere else in the world, regardless of the technical citizenship of any group of Jews. So we don't consider domestic American issues, social, economic or otherwise. We see a one-track binary computational proposition. GOOD for Jews/BAD for Jews. Or sometimes put, LESS BAD/MORE BAD.

The Israelis who have a right to vote in US presidential elections will almost all vote on the single Israel issue. I asked a group of them recently if they thought that most Americans would be happy with Israelis casting ballots solely based on Israel's needs. Most agreed that Americans probably would not like that. There were over 80,000 Israeli absentee votes already cast (around 25% of ALL US absentee ballots world-wide), and almost all vote in Israel's interest, and not out of any general American domestic concern. So American election law views these Israelis as Americans, yet they are distinctly voting as Israelis using a vestige of a citizen right they have being born in the US. Interesting, especially with a figure of over 80,000 ballots in such a tight race...

If elected, Romney will have a lot on his mind. Since he is an American president, he is obligated to be an honest executive for all US citizens, regardless of whether they like him or not. I doubt that he will be able to focus all that much attention on Israel. Americans don't like a lot of foreign policy focus by their presidents generally, and certainly not when the US has a weak economy and growing debt. He'll be blasted if he appears to be giving a lot of time to Israel. Romney does address the matter of Israel, but if you take all his public statements and press releases as a whole, Israel really doesn't loom large. And, he is aiming for the conservative Christian vote, which is very large, and not the tiny Jewish vote, which is only locally significant, and shrinking every year.

Israel stand's a good chance of fading away from any candidate's consciousness once the Beltway Feeding Frenzy (aka patronage handout time) sets in.

From an Israeli, this is not cynicism--it is realism.

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