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Originally Posted by New Ron View Post
Romney is a patriot, and that really is all that matters. Obama is NOT a patriot.
I could discuss Israeli definitions and ideas of patriotism, but I confess that I haven't got a clear idea of how Americans define their patriotism. How do Obama's supporters define patriotism? And Romney's supporters? Obama has the vote of many Black vets. Romney probably has the white vets. But is is really much more complicated than that, I'm sure.

Patriotism seems like a simple matter. Though here in Israel we have a lot varieties of political and social thought represented in our many parties, and the only group I would define as anti-patriotic would be the self-hating, anti-Zionist Jews who apologize for Israel existing, or who use religion as an excuse not to serve in the IDF. But they are explicit about their beliefs, so there is little question about them.

How explicit has Obama's anti-Americanism been? He seems to use all the catch-phrases of patriotism. I know I do not like Obama on account of Israeli concerns. What has been definably anti-American, as opposed to being different from conservative? Then how to think about roughly half of all voters in America voting for Obama? Are there that many anti-American citizens, or do that many Americans just live in a different reality from the Romney supporters?

This is the first election in the US where I am trying to really understand things beyond the supporter slogans. I am having no easy time. So far I can't see how either men were spontaneously raised up their shields by loving supporters. Who actually puts these men forward? Are they the grass-roots choice of typical working class and middle class citizens? Polls have shown that neither were even national household names until after the selection process started. Steam comes out of my ears to even think of a party in Israel with a leader no one has heard of until he starts campaigning, who might then be asked to form a government and become prime minister.

I fear I shall not get to the bottom of this.
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