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Imagine for a moment this FICTIONAL SCENARIO: "PM Bibi Netanyahu", went on a trip to Turkey tomorrow and made a big speech at their parliament building, stating "That he apologizes for Israels actions against the Palestinians all these years, that there has been great injustice done when Israel fights the "resistance" and that in general Israel must behave nicer to muslim nations."

Just imagine that for a moment and then, tell me, how would Israelis in general react. Some leftists might applaud, but I think many would look at it with disgust. As if the "palestinians" werent blowing up innocent civilians in Israel. As if the PLO Hamas etc werent the ones who started assassinating Israeli officials, killing, kidnapping Israeli soldiers. As if Israel was being a bully and not nations like Iran who every year call for the destruction of the Israeli state.

This was ofcourse a FICTIONAL SCENARIO and we all know Bibi Netanyahu is the polar opposite of Obama!
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