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I am in complete agreement that opposing Obama is not a racist deed in any way. My comment about vets was a reflection of American media, which we see all over the world; it was about sterotypes of parties and traditional support in US politics.

As said, I have no confusion why anyone would reject Obama as a leader--none whatsoever. American politics is very difficult to understand, because abroad we don't see very many well-known national figures even making it to the final November showdowns. (Reagan in contrast was very well known already.)

So the issue for me in not why would anyone vote against Obama, but rather, how well do the American people really know Romney? Not why would they vote for him, but who is he, beyond the campaign rhetoric. I have, as they say, no dog in this hunt. As an Israeli I am not much swayed by those things that might rightfully affect an American. And, unlike many salt-of-the-earth die-hard Israel supporters, every one whom I cherish, I just don't believe that American presidents lead the "Free World" or have nearly the impact on the this planet that many (or some) Americans might think. I am guilty of having a fixation on my own country, and we have been screwed royally by presidents of both parties ever since the US embargo on weapons sales to Israel in the dark days of 1948.

What I do think of is this: the justifiably anti-Obama men and women of principle have had now almost four years to select, vet, sponsor, fund, and campaign for a man or woman of high character, modest, honest and solid, with genuine, natural grass-roots appeal. I know that out of 307 million people, you have many such people worthy of the presidency.

Yet another millionaire with a total of one elective state office who wasn't anything like a household name, or a known national figure. Thus the American people who do not care for Obama as president, are faced with an option that is full of uncertainties. I found his own words both pro-homosexual rights, and seemingly opposed (on homosexual marriage). He was totally accepting of abortion and "pro-choice" in the recent past, and now he is portrayed as "pro-life." He attached himself to Binyamin Netanyahu, yet the Netanyahu people made it clear here that they were not really close friends (in Hebrew at least), even if our PM would love to see Obama out.

In short, I do see people appearing at least to be "making do" with Romney. But as a very serious historian of American history, Romney hardly fits the traditional, conservative patriotic mould. And since the Evangelical Christian vote is a very large one in America, and Evangelical leaders typically portray Romney's religion as non-Christian and even occult, it looks to me like supporting Romney is, for some at least, an "anything to get rid of Obama" vote. Which, if the case, is completely understandable.

Yet I believe that the anti-Obama forces could well have found any number of far, far better candidates, and had a number of them make the evening news enough to have challenged the conventional election process; a somewhat closed, arcane process which pushes out 2 centrist candidates ever four years, and tells the citizenry, "Pick One."

I see no serious democracy in these presidential elections. And that pains me.

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