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Originally Posted by ZparklingAngel View Post
Hi yeah I have emailed them, in scandinavia to see if there is room for little me LOL, but I still wonder what you mean by discount ticket, cause on the website it say that you pay for your own airfare ticket... ant it ainīt cheep flying to Israel LOL.
I cannot speak for flights out of Sweden. Coming out of nations with larger Jewish populations, however, Sar-El is usually able to arrange discounted airfare, due to the volume of travelers that they handle. This was my experience years ago - flying out of New York. I would expect that this would also be true for flights originating out of London, Paris or Berlin. You may not be able to get the same rate, however, flying a direct route out of Stockholm (assuming that there is such a thing).

Keep trying. You may also have better luck if you can connect with a group of college students.

Oh yeah - love the avatar.
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