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Originally Posted by Punisher View Post
Why is it the only stealth fighter offered to Israel?
The IDF wanted to buy the F-22, a dedicated air-to-air weapon second to none. But it was not offered.

The F-35 is currently the only stealth warplane still in production in the West. It doesn't have the payload or strike radius that Israel needs, and Israel's attempts to have them modified have been met with resistance:

Israel once had its own fighter jet manufacturing industry. They produced the Nesher in the 1970s (a modified Mirage 5), then the Kfir (an evolution from the Nesher design), and finally were developing an all-new fighter, called the Lavi during the 1980s - which was canceled under considerable pressure from some quarters in the U.S. There was a book published on the subject not long ago. The Lavi was a joint program of U.S. and Israeli industry, designed to meet Israel's specific requirements. It was an extraordinary machine. The attached video gives a flavor, extracted from the book on the subject:

Unfortunately, when it was cancelled, Israel's development capabilities were devastated, and have never recovered.