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Originally Posted by David of Galilee View Post
First things first: Israel is successful. Israel doesn't try to produce what Chinese factories produce.
Israel also cannot produce what Chinese factories produce at the same price while maintaining the quality.

The Kibbutz, and Israel in general, focuse on unique, high tech, original, innovative. So we import dust pans and pot scrubbers and cheap dishware and children's toys from China.
Not related to the thread but a dangerous thing. Chinese toys and dishware may be toxic. Chinese toys have been found to be toxic in past.

Our medical, military, agricultural, communications, software etc exports are in demand and in use everywhere, even Arab countries.
Are these military, comm, software exports produced in Kibbutz?

Not that we don't have some giants, too. ZIM Shipping (pronounced Tzim) is in the top 20 largest shipping firms. Teva Pharmaceuticals is the largest generic drug supplier in the US. Israeli satellites provide a major part of European broadband service. Israeli designed computer chips are legendary. We are not a perfect economic model by any means, but I do believe that there is a reason why we barely felt the world recession that rocked the US and Mother Britain.
Same as India but again these are more reflective of the urban industrial Israel rather than Kibbutz as I see.

Also, our banks are not allowed to be speculative investment houses. Those who want high-risk investments go their stock brokers, or their favourite casinos abroad. They have far great liquidity than Euro-American banks. They did play with toxic debt for a while, but, long before the recession hit, the governor of the Central Bank of Israel told the banks to get rid of all toxic debt. Adon Fisher spotted a trend early, while Euro-American financial people were still pushing all kind of investment devoid of value-based reality.
That is again same as India where Investment banking is seperate and not allowed to infringe on the savings of normal people or retail customers. Reckless peculative trading is also tightly monitored and discouraged.

You have the excellent people to change the economic patterns, and you have the motivated working class. The real malignancy is inside the Beltway, not with the American people. You guys know how to work hard and innovate. America began weakening long before Obama. Yet the people are not the problem, except maybe for believing that presidents somehow lead the way. The Founding Fathers designed a state-based system, not a powerful, party-based central autocracy.
All true.
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