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Good thread

A few pointers:
1) I served with a Gentile, non-Israeli in an infantry combat unit
2) Mahal volunteers usually serve in combat units of Nahal Brigade, most often 50 Company that also partake in paratroop course and is very combat oriented. At the end of their maslus they are rifleman 07.
3) My#1 was several years ago
4) To return to zion, if you had not registered with your local Israeli Embassy before turning 18, there will be a military warrant for your arrest for not serving your national service in Israel. This can be fixed by coming to Israel, going to the recruitment center where your file is (in the city you were born or last lived in) and thereafter serving your country. You may only need to do 2 years due t your age, but will need to check that at the embassy or in Israel.

Hope that helps someone.

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