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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
Cant someone talk some sense to someone responsible in IDF.

Set up christian english spoken, plattons. People have military experience that they are willing to share with Israel. Even if we are not jewish. All that is needed is some people fluent in both hebrew and english to handle the communication in the bigger organisation.

Training people with experince to a group dont have to take more time than 2 weeks.
An enduring challenge for Israel, since it's inception has been the wish of non-citizens to contribute to Israel in ways that are traditionally only allowed to citizens. In other words, there is a strong belief that Israel has a manpower need for it's military. Fortunately this is not the case.

My country has a native language, hebrew, and we expect our citizens to speak it. Oh, you cannot throw a dead cat without striking an english or french speaker, but the language of my country is hebrew. As is our military.

As to allowing anyone who wants to join the military there are some pretty serious international law constraints. There is also a legal question as to Israel recruiting soldiers and the impact this would have on the that persons native citizenship.

Many get insulted when they are pointe to the Sar-El program, as that simply gives you a military experience for a brief period of time, and heck, you can't even shoot anyone. And that is yet another problem that Israel faces almost uniquely. Every single enlistee goes through a psychological screening and vocational test. It has resulted in the lowering of the age of service for non-natives as well as other important changes in determining who is given a machine gun and who is not.

There is an unfortunate element of the world economy that feels when all else fails in the rst of the world and the rest of their life, they can always go to Israel and become a pilot, or a Ranger or some other Special Forces fighter and that will magically repair the rest of their existance.

So in the end, the screening process for non-Israelis wishing to enter the IDF is rather rigorous and results in much much less than 1000 foreigners entering the IDF a year.
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