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i can understand why israelis do not trust and wishes for their volunteers to be mainly in the support roles. but is there not a better option for all this human effort? give me 100man or woman especially the ones not in shape! or without a good mind! and even handicaps! if allowed, I am sure the volunteers could be more useful in ways other then labor support.

i kind of wanted to be a volunteer but i am above the age limit by a year, the services are limited and confined to traditions formed by conventionalism, and the civilians think volunteers/soldiers are social paths, lacking personal relationships, and only seeking danger and bloodshed. of course all of this is true, why else join but really isn't this just one opinion amongst many generations?

if i were to have what I think of as my 100 mighty men and woman working next to Gaza strip in the towns hardest hit, not only rehabilitating people you "trust" but to heal themselves and conquer their fears, through time such a volunteer "handicapped forces" can do much more than what your bombs/infantry can do in terms of security LONG-TERM. When Hamas is technologically more capable your 100 mighty men with all their senses and all their limbs will lose thier minds and confidence and will learn fear, while my "handicapped" forces were busy preparing and stocking up for all conditions while blind we are used to being handicapped.

when you see that others can be trusted when times are good or bad. and wish for the handicap forces let me know. i don't mind working with ill patients and others whom some see as no potential, i see nothing they regard peace and life greatly. there are more ways to fight and volunteer than just one.
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