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Rafi, I do appreciate why Israel has such stridgent requirements for any individual to join the Israeli Defence Forces.

The courage and ability of the IDF has done Israel proud and protected Israel's freedom.

However, we live in interesting times for Israel's future, and I believe it could benefit Israel if more thought was given on how to provide for 'non-Israeli' volunteers to join in the defense of Israel.

France has for over a hundred years had an organisation called the 'Frech Foriegn Legion', they basically take fit young men from any nationality, they are combined all in together in to Army units, they don't have to be able to speak French on arrival, but they have the French language taught to them in a very quick and forceful manner.

The language of the 'Foriegn Legion is French, but they also gain be having native speakers from literally dozens of world wide languages as an added benefit.

I think it is fair to say, that the 'French Foriegn Legion' as a fighting unit, has provided France with some of its toughest and best fighting men.

Israel could benefit from a similar fighting Unit.
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