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Actually when push comes to shove, and on the ground front line fighters are needed, it has aways seemed to me, that to send the finest and best of our youth on to front lines, is an oxymoron.

We need them, to first have, then raise the next generation, and more important pay taxes to suport us golden oldies in our dotage.LOL

In reality the loss of and 'older' citizen is much less of an impact on a country than a 'younger' citizen.

Plus it would save a fortune in not having to pay out old age pensions.

Plus cranky old people can really fire up when anyone messes with them. LOL

I must admit you actually don't get any smarter as you grow older, but you do get more cunning, and 'age and cunning' will beat 'youth and inexperience' any time.

Plus being frugal golden oldies, ( waste not want not ), the rate we shoot at we would save the Army a small fortune in ammunition.

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