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Originally Posted by HideNSeek View Post
I don't remember anyone "being left behind". I remember they were active in Tyre and attacked a compound with a firefight ensuing. A few soldiers were wounded (was one of them killed I'm not sure?), but the mission was accomplished. It would have been easier to just demolish the whole thing from the air, but the IDF likes to risk the lives of its soldiers to protect those of ėts enemies (i.e `civilians who act as shields).

you stole the words out of my mouth... im even going to use that as my signature if you dont mind....

in fact, things like the cancellation of nohal shachen (neighbour protocol), refusal to call in an airstrike and save the lives of our forces so we dont have to risk killing "innocent" (and i say innocent cause i believe over 95% of palestinians either support or aid the terrorists and hate us, and not only that, they often stay close to terrorists to purposefully act as human shields, sometimes even going so far as to wave their babies over their heads so the UAVs can see them) civilians etc. are my primary concern regarding enlisting (or in my case its more like volunteering because i dont crrently live in israel and am therefore not REQUIRED to enlist, though i probably will anyways), because if i do end up enlisting i plan on going into a kravi battalion and ill be damned if i die because my commanders were afraid an airstrike would hit an old man whos ferrying ammunition back and forth to the terrorists and send us in instead... (or something of the like)
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