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I am not in Israel either, but I do recall an incident a few years back where a soldier was shot defending the Tomb of the Patriarch, and rather than risk killing the Palestinians who started the fighting, his comrades got to watch him bleed to death. I think that's the kind of thing that makes people think that we value the lives of our enemies over the lives of our children.

I don't know if that's a true story, and I would love to be mistaken about it. I also don't think that there is any policy, written or otherwise, that requires any IDF command to sacrifice our soldiers to save their lives. I believe that any such actions are more in keeping with the honorable stance that all human life is sacred, friend or foe. If we are attacking it is we who are taking the risk, and therefore, required to be as protective as possible of the people we are attacking.

There was a war fought after Shalit, Goldwasser, and Regev were kidnapped, and they were not returned. Finally there was trade for the dead bodies of Regev and Goldwasser for how many living terrorists? Now another war, no Shalit, and how many living terrorists do we trade for a young man who no one has heard from in 2 years? I won't say what I feel the outcome will be, it's bad luck to say bad things - but given the recent experience, it is difficult to remain positive.

There is a similar situation in Sri Lanka - you don't hear about it because they aren't "Zionists." But do they tiptoe in and put their soldiers in harm's way? Heck no. They use bombs and missiles, blasting away, and don't care about the collateral damage at all -military or civilian. Most armies don't, including the US. You do what you need to do. The violence in Sri Lanka barely got a mention in the paper, and you would think the entire world had nothing better to do than worry about the terrorists in Gaza and THEIR rights.

I am an American, I am Jewish, and therefore consider Israel my second home, even though I haven't been there yet. I consider everyone who serves in the defense of my country to be serving on my personal behalf; for our people, our land, my children, and me. I would never imply that any one of them would "sacrifice" our children for the enemy, and I'm sure that's never the way anyone thinks about it. The politicians just may not be smart enough to realize that's what they are asking them to do.
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