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Originally Posted by umass0311 View Post
Shalom everyone,
I'm new to this forum, I too would like to join the IDF, however I do not want to go through mahal, I want to make Aliyah. Like most people I plan to after college, and I'm getting to the point where idealistic, unrealistic expectations about the infantry are gone.(besides i served as a rifleman in the USMC) I would just like to know more about other combat mos's and how the Israeli Mos, training etc is, compared to the United States. I can't be a pog, so I'm thinking the artillery corps, but (and maybe I haven't looked hard enough) I have really seen anyone asking about other combat oriented mos's other than Infantry and, armor. Any advice etc would be greatly appreciated Thank you.
Don't you recall being told that for every one grunt in the field, there's nine POG's/REMF's in support of them? Makes you want to just swell up with pride, doesn't it Mac?

I'll let the IDF faction here answer your questions, but since I saw you are/were MOS 0311 in the Corps (and considering that was one of six held by me during active duty time) just figured I'd throw in my proverbial 2 cents worth.

Welcome to the forum!
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