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Originally Posted by davidwillson View Post
Thank you for your replies. I got the idea that I needed to do 6 months from that very table on the nefesh b'nefesh website, so I assume it will apply to me too ( I also know others who are about my age and have received a tzav too). I know there is no shortage of manpower, and I'm not looking to be anybody's Rambo, but I am fairly determined to do my bit in order to fit in here. What is Magar?
I'll start with the easy questions.

MAGAR is the "eligibility pool". It simply means that the IDF knows you exist, knows you might be physically qualified to serve, but for all intents and purposes the Army has stopped investing valuable money and resources in training someone your age.

The combination of age, and most frequently, lack of hebrew and Israeli socialization skills means that your immediate attraction to the IDF is minimal.

In the event of a serious emergency where manpower became much more critical than it is today, they reserve the right to activate. And MAGAR is the master database of where to find people if they are needed.
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