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Hey im kind of in the position of Jewcas and iv been reading through the forums to better understand. Im 25 born in america to two israeli parents. Iv been to israel several times and did alliyah when i was 13 and lived there for a year before my family decided to move back to America.

I speak hebrew decently, i understand well, i read and write like an 8 year old.
I have always had a desire to serve but my parents pushed me to college. I did not fail college, i have a good job and no real problems im trying to flee from i just have this burning feeling that i owe Israel and should a war break out and reserves are called i want to be able to help.

I know i will have to fight to join since i am 25 and growing up israeli american i have enough of an attitude to probably get my self in.

I have an israeli passport but im not sure what kind of citizen i am considered, so im not sure if i would be joining mahal or what. Any ideas? (sorry for long post)
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