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Originally Posted by dfisch View Post
I did Marva first to pick up more hebrew since my father (Israeli) didn't speak it much in the house. After Marva, I went into Mahal and left after getting hurt in 1988. If I didn't get hurt I would have stayed in Mahal for the full 14 months.
Mr Fisch,

You stated you did MARVA in 1987, then state you did MAHAL in 1987.
Then you stated that MAHAL is like basic training.
You state your father is Israeli, which makes you Israeli. But you participated in MAHAL, which is prohibited by law for Israelis to participate in.

I think you have probably convinced yourself that at som point in life you served in the IDF, but I simply do not believe you. It is beyond the realm of possibility for a real veteran of MAHAL to refer to the experience as being something like basic training. And an insult to those who actually put themselves in harms way for my people.

I think you will find it easier to continue to pretend you are an IDF veteran on a website that doesn't have real IDF veterans who post on it. I find it interesting that you made no mention of a Mispar Ishi, which would have been easy to run through the system to confirm your identity.

I am banning you from this website, but leaving your posts up. They have been educational for us all.
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