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Everyone I have had a problem with my right knee every since the surgeon that replaced it messed up the surgery. Some here already know the story but the hospital I had the surgery at was not paying as close attention to detail as I would have liked and making a long story short I lost a week of time, was rushed back to emergency surgery, my kidneys as well as most of my internal organs shut down and I literally saw “Deaths Door” as a physical reality before they were able to get my kidneys to start functioning and bring me back. They drained three pints of blood out of my knee and twelve 2 liter bottles of fluid build up out of my body.

Today, I had to go to a wound care specialist because of an open wound on the bottom of the ball of my right foot. They say a bone in my foot may be infected. I am possibly facing some extensive foot surgery as well as replacing the botched knee replacement to repair everything. The foot problem they say was aggravated by not being able to straiten out my right knee from the botched knee replacement. Considering I almost died from the last major surgery partly due to my body having a negative reaction to the anesthesia and partly due to the botched surgery; I am a little apprehensive about facing this much surgery all at once again. I’m not worried about dying but concerned for my wife. This is really causing her a great deal of stress. I am asking for your prayers that G_d have His will in this situation and that He grant my wife peace through it. Thanks!
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