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hi, folks. yea.. I'd like to serve in the IDF too. and im equally over the age-limit. but im in an excellent physical condition and have a good military experience. And i can't understand that: "As decided by the IDF, non-Israelis are eligible for enlisting only in the age brackets 18-23 incl. (men), 18-20 incl. (women), physicians until 35 incl. No exception is possible at this stage."
Why do they like to recrute yong boys & girls, hormonal driven Rambos for this job and adult, grown people, ex-soldiers and, may be, specialists are having no chance? The next example is the French foreign Legion. the limit age is 39 there. and they have 20-60 recrutes EVERY WEEK. but the people who go serve at the Legio are intrested only for money ore false identity. ore the're running from something. otherwise, the people who wanna go serve to you, they wanna do that for an ethical reason.
in best regards.
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