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Originally Posted by Shanghi View Post
Well thank you for not trying to sugar coat it! As has been said in other posts its pretty much an impossibility to actively sever in the IDF To be honest i am not so interested in combat (been there done that....) but would like to help where & how it is possible! So I will continue to fight the good fight for the hearts & minds of those with the misguided thinking & predisposed prejudiced against the greatest nation to ever grace this planet! I may not be Jewish by birth but in spirit I am all there!! When & if.... as twostrike says, the need for more bodies is required just send me a post & ill get there ASAP! Oh & ill bring my own fire power & amo if need be! Shalom to you & to the IDF!!
Sar-El, might be something of interest for you (basically a volunteer).
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